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Hi there, I’m currently using the zoho integration but for some reason it’s not send leads to zoho all details all ok but no leads are going into my feeds from the feeds I sent up in the form? any way of using the api instead of login in as the user?

Please send a Ticket support in order to see where is the problem.

ticket send no reply yet?

Yes, it’s replied by Asana

Please consider adding Agile CRM

Ok, I’ll let you know!

Any update on our support ticket? We’ve been waiting on a response in asana since May11. It’s now May 30

Hello, I’ve replied you via Asana. Please reply me…

Hi, there, just wanted to ask a question before i buy. Does this plugin support partial entries or will it only send to hubspot once submit button is pushed? I currently have a multipage gravity form and i want to be able to save to hubspot all fields from first page incase user abandons on second page.

No, it makes the lead when the submit button is pushed. You can use a plugin called Gravity forms partial entries in order to do that thing. Regards.

Iam using partial entries but can’t get it to commit to hubspot. Only when submit is pushed. means all my partial entries remain in wordpress and i have to manually move them across

Yes, we don’t support partial entries.

Hello Again.. just wanted to followup.. I have sent you VPS access nearly 2 mo ago now and wondering if the integration with Perfex is completed..

Please let me know when you get the chance.


so do you want me to keep paying for VPS while you figure it out or can cancel VPS? I pay just for you because you ask almost 2 months now

Please tell me if i should cancel VPS or wait

Hi ok..please let me know once completed. THANKS

Hello, Perfex has replied me telling me this: Hi.

Thanks for contacting.

Currently we do not have API available in Perfex CRM but this feature is already in our todo list i hope we will get more free time in a future so we can start implementing this.

After the API is integrated into Perfex CRM we will add docs and developers will be able to to plugins for WP etc..


So, we have to wait until have news from Perfex.

Sorry about that!

Do I need anything else other than this particular plugin to connect to vTiger? I do not own Gravity Forms.

As the name says, it’s an Addon, that needs Gravity Forms plugin to work…

Can you tell me if vTiger 7.X is supported? Also does this plugin only support connecting to the Contact and Leads Module of vTiger or does it support the Ticket Module as well in terms of forms? Just want to know what I am buying.

I’ve to test 7.x. And only leads is supported right now…

Does it has Mautic support?

Not at the moment… it will be…

Hi there is there any work being done to connect to Sage CRM? Thanks in advance

Hello, yes, we constanly make new integrations. It would be helpful to borrow a test account to test the library… could you send us?

hi, work with wp 4.8?

Yes, of course!

Will this plugin work with Gravity Form Personal or do we need the Developer version?

With Personal license is enough to work. Regards


Pesarus Purchased

hello. i try to synchronize with Espo-CRM. But it comes still “Cannot Login in ESPO CRM” What can i do???? The Support is Away through 9 August with no information. at least a short info. regarts