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just wonder if there any plans for Repairshor integration

Added to roadmap. I’m not sure if we’re going to implement it.


pquantum Purchased

Hi there, I wanted to use the plugin to push leads to our Dynamics CRM. I managed to connect to the CRM, but the Lead won´t show up. Any remarks on issues with matching? How do the fields have to correspondend to one another? Can I import an option set to a free text field?

Please make a support ticket.

Hello! When accepting uploaded documents in Gravity, will the documents also be added to SuiteCRM? Thanks!

No, becouse SuiteCRM does not support files upload…

Something appears to be broken. When I select CRM type, I get a console error (trying to use Salesforce).

Then if I hit “Update Settings” with Salesforce selected, I get an invalid login error (presumably because I haven’t added the credentials yet). However when I do add my Salesforce username and passwor, it gives me a similar invalid login error.

What is the “Password and Security Key” field… “password”“securitykey” is what the tooltip shows but tha tmakes no sense and doesn’t work with the salesforce password and consumer or secret keys.

Hello, we do better support with Support Ticket, please send a ticket to see the problem… Anyway, we are doing tests…

why this error happend?

There was an error creating the Lead in the CRM vTiger:

Error Database error while performing requested operation

Lead Data:

assigned_user_id: 1

lastname: sol

Cannot give you support in a comment, please send a support ticket…

I have ourchased code. this is simple question. it is not fair you did not answer

I have purchasedcode. this is simple question. it is not fair you did not answer