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Hi, is it working to apply to a job position ?

Hello, Depends of CRM, it gets the vars of the module. If in mapping fields you don’t see it, I’m afraid that cannot map to the CRM.

For the case of SuiteCRM We can have a form for leads and another form for accounts

SuiteCRM only is supported for Leads. What’s your question?

Hi, is your plugin compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011?

I’m afraid is not supported yet.

Does this support the Open Source version of VTiger or just the cloud version?

Both of them. Regards.

For SuiteCrm/Sugar could you adapt the plugin so that we can use it for other than leads module, that would really be appreciated. If your not planning to do it anytime soon, how complicated would it be to switch the code myself? Thanks

Great. I sent you a pm. Let me know if your interested. Thanks

I still haven’t received an answer from the email ticket. Also Can you please give a timeframe regarding sending info other than the leads in suitecrm. Thx

Just replied ;)

Hi, does this plug in still work? I see a grey box in CRM Settings when I try to configure it.

Yes, of course it works. Which problem do you have? Please use the support ticket.

Hi, Will this work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premise?

Hi, Does this plugin work with microsoft dynamics?

Yes, with the versions in the description of plugin ;)

So 2016 isn’t supported? Do you plan do add this support soon? And what happens when newer versions come out?

Please, send me a private message and we can test it for you…

Hi! I want to ask if this works with Perfex CRM? This is a great CRM tool from Codecanyon. I want to integrate with Gravity Forms and send the data fields (leads) into this Perfex CRM solution. Thanks for your reply.

Hello, we could develop a connector. If we could have a test user. Please share with us by private.

Hello. Getting error message for VTiger integration. “Cannot Log In to CRM”. I used proper “Access Key” and my user name and it will not work. VTiger doesnt use “API Key”. Please help. Thanks.

We do support within 48h, we’ll reply you by the support ticket. Regards

Hi, does it work with: Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Yes, it works.

Pre-sales question: Would it work with Neon CRM or can you add the functionality?

Yes, we would need a test account. If you can share with us, we can implement it.(private message)

Hi, this plugin will be update with the compatibility to PHP 7??

Siteground kept me the update Php because your component uses PHP 4 functions no longer supported …

No, it’s not possible. Please send me a ticket to see the issue…

We didn’t use php4 in any time… that’s why..

Hey guys, would love to pick this up, is it possible for you to add integration for a CRM called Vonigo? I have their form HTML that you are supposed to put on your website but I would rather keep Gravity Forms on WP and just send the submited data to their CRM. Is this possible ?

Hello!, yes we’are going to speak with them it they can give us an API documentation and collaborate with us, to make it possible.


Hello ! Nice plugin !! I have question for you : Its possible to set specific entity for microsoft crm ?

Support ticket via envato… ;)


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Support ticket for a refund ? I dont need a Refund i just need explication or possibility for Microsoft CRM. Do you have email to contact you ?

Hello, we have support, Use the tab and write your problem. Regards.


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Hi, I tried to contact you with ASANA as you put me on that platform but it seems you don’t get my messages. We found a couple of bug with Vtiger in relation special characters.

for example, we found that if an user try to put “&” in the company name the contact is not inserted into the crm. The same happen for “&” that is into the URL.

Please make some test and maybe try to encode the char as I suggested on ASANA.

Many Thanks, Mirko

In these days will be solved.

In these days will be solved.

Hi there. Did you get it working with PerfexCrm? I noticed a comment earlier but not sure if it’s working.

I can provide access if needed.


Not yet. Yes, that would be nice. Please send a private message.

Hi there. I just purchased the plugin. Unfortunately, I am disappointed that no custom fields are supported for EspoCRM yet. Is there any progress already made?

I’m afraid that is not our issue becouse, there is no method in Espo to get fields from a module. We will speak with them if they updated the API…