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We have a registration form of woocommerce plugin. We want to integrate this plugin on registration form to capture image. User have to capture image for successful registration.

Also, it should work for mobile phones.

Does this plugin work in my scenario?

Yes you can use with your scenario. If you want any support, you can contact us.

hi, work with wp 4.8?

Yes, sure. 4.8 update is not a major update. You can purchase. We are using 4.8 and there isnt any problem. If you see any problem, please write to us anytime you want.


Can I upload vídeos with this plugin?

No, you can’t upload videos. Thanks.

Also wanting to know if we can upload webcam videos using this plugin.

no you can’t upload videos this GF Capture webcam plugin. Thanks

Additionally … Can we restrict it to HTML5 only? (Not use flash at all)

Plugin doesnt use flash now. If you have a ssl certificate, you will see html5 webcam field directly connected to visitor’s webcam. Thanks.


blckstn Purchased

Hi I’d like to know how to use the webcam picture as a featured image of a post using the posts fields. Any idea?


blckstn Purchased

Is it possible to get Support? I’ve been trying for 5 days to contact you. Thanks

Hi, You had written a comment and sent a support message. We replied your support message at September 1. Your email address seems toni@blackstonebarcelona.com. Please check your email. I am also writing its content below.

hi, normally it isnt support post plugin. if you want we can customly develop support for you? but did you purchased this plugin? you had said that you are asking your question before buying but envato says that you have already purchased this item. any idea about this?


blckstn Purchased

Ok sorry. My boss had already bought the plugin. I’ll ask him if he received your message…I’ll send you another mail now.

I am very interested in this plugin but i would want to know if i could make a form with an upload file and user could decide if they want to take a photo or select a phone from computer/mobile… is it possible?

hi, thanks for your interest. User cannot choose upload or select photo for now. This is in our development queue and it will be developed at next version. You can purchase now and then you will be notified when next version is available. If you want to ask any other question, you can write to us. Thanks.

I look for this functionality because I need it in 1 or 2 weeks, so i will have to look other plugin… :(

Please I need your help, the webcam field doesn’t activate the camera and just ask me to upload picture. please reply me to ricardo.bird@baccredomatic,ni

Upon using the live demo, it is not letting me use the web cam. In fact it is prompting me to select a photo from hard drive. Does this thing work or not???

no it is working, did you approve the browser permission for webcam usage? It must ask when the page loads.


Hi guys

Will does work with Gravity PDF? In other words, will the image that taken from the mobile be able to be embeded with “post image” in the Gravity PDF plugin?


Hi, not tested but it must work. it can save the image as post image and can display it. Pdf export mechanism works like html to pdf convertor so it must work.

Very nice plugin:) Did you plan to record video with webcam?

We are working on another plugin for video. Thanks.

I tried your demo page on mobile safari and I received the error message: An error occurred while uploading the image. Please try again.

I did grant the browser permission to use my camera.

I have watched the comments and ratings on this plugin as I am a huge user of gravity forms in my projects. I would like to use this plugin, but there are a few issues for me. Your change log does not have dates so I don’t know how old the latest version is. And the demo has been buggy the two times I tried it out in the last couple months, including today.

Please make this plugin better!! I am going to purchase it tonight in hopes that you will continue to improve it, but I cannot deploy it in a production environment.


I had asked for support and its almost a week. No reply. Kindly answer my queries.

reply delayed because of personal issues. Sorry. I have written to you.

Thank you


f_hauck Purchased

It seems that there are some Problems with the latest iOS Version. The Webcam doesn’t work on mobile Safari anymore. Maybe you can check this. :) Thanks!


f_hauck Purchased

Here is a little temporary fix for the Safari Problem until this is fixed from the official site:

Replace the Line

$webcamvid.src = window.URL.createObjectURL(stream) || stream;

in ”/plugins/gravityforms-capture-webcam/js/capture-webcam.js”


$webcamvid.srcObject = stream;

and add the playsinline Attribut to all <video> Elements in these files:

”/plugins/gravityforms-capture-webcam/js/capture-webcam.js” ”/plugins/gravityforms-capture-webcam/js/classwebcam/classwebcam.js” ”/plugins/gravityforms-capture-webcam/js/classwebcam/classwebcam.min.js”

Hope that helps!

Hi. Does this allow live webcam by chance? THanks

Would you be interested in creating a laser range-finder version of this software?

Pre sales question: is this will work on mobile devices?

Normally it was working on mobile devices but after some browser updates on some devices it isn’t working, This week it will work on mobile devices too. Thanks.

I can’t use this plugin because something isn’t working right. I was told it would be fixed in the next update – it’s been a month. Very disappointed.

sorry for delay but when we are developing next version, chrome changed security policy again. This week we will update the current version. we don’t want your disappointment. sorry again. we will inform. Thanks.

I’ve wasted two months of my license with this product not working. When can I expect it?