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Well done, looks pretty good! :)


Please provide a demo, with test login to see how it works. Thank you.

Working on it.

If I have an ACF field that shows on each of my custom post type pages, can I use that field to populate a dropdown for a gravity form?

Yes, as long as the ACF field is a select field type (select, multi select, checkbox, radio.)

I just purchased this. I’m trying to populate my gravity form dropdown with the name from an ACF text field that shows on custom posts. It has to be text so that I have control of what displays. I guess I’m not clear on why it would have to be a select.

Gravity forms uses a different method to fill in the text fields (merge tags) and select fields (custom css classes).

Which is why I made 2 different plugins 1 for select fields (This plugin ) and 1 for text fields ( http://codecanyon.net/item/gravity-forms-acf-merge-tags/11539754 )

I assumed that people will use a select field to fill a select field and I’m guessing your trying to create a select field with a single value?

Give me a day and I’ll update this so you can create a single value select field from the text fields.

Hi. I bought the plugin, installed it, but it is not appearing in the GF menu. Acf pro 5.2.9 & Gravity forms 1.9.13 are active.

Hello, You need to have ‘gravityforms_edit_forms’ capability to access the Submenu. Please check your capability.

I can see it now. Thank you !

Great. Glad that worked.

Will this work with the Gravity Forms product field?

I bought this plugin but don’t see it in the submenu of Gravity Forms. ACF Pro Version: and Gravity forms 1.9.13 Gravity Forms I have ‘gravityforms_edit_forms’ capability as I’m admin.

Can you please check once again using Members Plugin whether you have gravityforms_edit_forms permission.

I have checkboxes added via ACF – with options ticked on the post where the ACF fields appear in the admin area – However they do not seem to work as checkboxes in the gravity form on the front end. I have tested with a dropdown which seems to work ok. the error I get is:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bhargavy-gravity-forms-select-field-choices-1095a61b23f8/public/class-gf_select_choices-public.php on line 111

Can you confirm this functionality is still working