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hi .. can you tell me the code how to make “moon” clickable in landing page? after click that moon, and show new page to show my text? and in that page there is a “back” button Thanks :)

Hi, In order to perform that in maingame.java line 307 you need to create a new button with the moon sprite.
btn_moon = new Button(moon,  ScreenWidth() * 0.8f, ScreenHeight() * 0.2f, this, false);
Then in line 565 add:
if (btn_moon .isTouched(event)) {
//go to your new page

of course, this feature is not included so you might need to hire someone to customise it for you.

Hi, is it possible to change the empty space ” __” with a board, let’s call it “board_white”? Can you show me how please?

Neverming. Go it ;)

Hi! How easy it is to use another ad network, instead of admob?

Hi, I have never used anything except admob. It depends on their documentation. Most of the ad code is mainly in screen.java and some in maingame.java.

Hello. Firstly: GREAT WORK – HAT DOWN! :) Secondly: What exactly is the NUDGE engine? I can not find it on the internet, it always shows me Citrus… Could you please just text me, or here post the link to the “Nudge engine” download page? Thank you. :)

It’s a small game engine I built to make games with. I use it for most of my games. It is being sold exclusively with my games on codecanyon for now.

Hi! I want to buy the game, but I have a question: When I share the screen shot on Facebook can the game add a link to google play? Thx!

And how can i do that?

I’m afraid it can’t be done easily. To do this you’d need to integrate facebook api and it will complicate things a little bit.

Really great job! GLWS :)

Accoring to the license i cannot sell this app.

Can i add an app-in billing method, so users can buy the advertisement away?

Kind regards,

Hi, Yes you can do that with the standard license

Excellent product Neuron, congratulations!

Preview is not loading for me

Hi, its an envato bug I guess. After you click on the live preview button just hit ‘remove frame’

Google doesnt allow me to upload it on the play store.

Any advise for me?

Because you uploaded the item already?

Hi, They should allow you. Make sure to at least change the name, icon and some other things. If you used everything exactly as the demo it could be detected as spamming by google play.

Hello. I just got this and want to learn how to edit it, but in the tutorial when it says to go to project/properties/android, i cant find it. Can you direct me to where the android part it?

So you managed to open properties. Now just click on the android tab on the left. It is shown in video tutorial.

Hi, I want Just to know how to change the blue color to an image : if (btn_Home.isTouched(event)) { btn_Home.Highlight(getResources().getColor(R.color.blue)); }

Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me salbiz@live.com


I downloaded the source code and imported into Eclipse. But there are errors like this; The container “Android Dependencies’ references non existing library in eclipse\BaseGamesUtils\bin\basegameutils.jar

The container “Android Dependencies’ references non existing library in eclipse\google-play-services_lib\bin\google-play-services_lib.jar

Can you help?

Did you import the google play services library? you can check if its imported and linked to the app from project/ properties/ Android tab. Under ‘Libraries’ you should have Basegameutils in green.

Yes, I added it to the project and linked to the app. Problem still not fixed. Can we make skype maybe to fix this? Thank you

I need to add a rest API that submits the score to a third party service, how easy is it to do that?

NICE… thanks… any chance on a snippet rest api code for this? We buy a lot of games.

We could just pay you for the 1st implementation, we can do it ourselves for other games.

I’m sorry I’m currently not available for freelance work.

it’s what a couple hours max… two pop up windows

Hello, I’m trying to Export to Android for the APK and it comes up with 100 errors all saying: Description Resource Path Location Type R cannot be resolved to a variable MainGame.java /Gravity Flip/src/com/redgyre/ninjaflip line 656 Java Problem on various lines. Any advice? Thanks!

Are you sure you are doing this in the right order? : 1) rename package id on the manifest file 2) rename folder package id

If you do 2 first then 1, you will get that error specifically. If that’s not the problem, feel free to send me an email, with the error and maybe a screenshot with the lines that are marked red.

Hope that helps

You can see a screenshot here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3uHaogF5rBDdU0yclVnR3BsVlk/view?usp=sharing

I hope that helps. And yes, I did them in the right order as far as renaming the package id in the manifest file before the folder package id. I followed your video tutorial step by step 3 different times and resulted in the same error. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

oh ok. That type of error usually is given when you have something wrong in any xml file. In the case of this app, the only xml file is strings.xml. So check that out again, clean project and re-run.

Hello This package is being opened on which console? Android Studio,Eclipse? Also is there a way to get versions for other mobile systems?


This package is to be opened in Eclipse. If you prefere Android Studio, the package can be converted to Android Studio (using the open Eclipse project in Android studio), however it might take a couple of minutes to make sure all the dependencies/libraries are set correctly.

I’m afraid I only code for Android.

How to change the main character (The robot) to something else?

It can be changed by simply replacing the character image.

Another fantastic wotk mate , i love it

thanks :)

Is it in android studio ?

This product was coded in eclipse. It can be imported into Android Studio but it would take some work to import it.

Hello dear, I am intending to buy the game but before that i need to know more about Nugde Game Engine and in addition, can i replace the graphics easily and one by one ?

The NUDGE Engine is a framework I created. It is sold under the same license of the agem source code. The graphics are very easy to replace. Just replace the images in res/drawables with images of the same size.