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Other languages ?

Hi! Like which one? Will be “easy” for me to translate it to English, but to translate into German, Italy or French… will take some time…

Nice work, GLWS! :)

How long will it take before you release this in english

Hi guys! I hope in 2 days I will finish the english version, it will support more than 20 countries/currencies

Looks Nice.. as soon as the english version is launched i’d like to have a look :)

Sending Graphite v1.1 for review just now, I hope in a couple of days will be available, the new version will include English and French localizations, supporting more than 40 currencies / Countries.

Are you intending to make an Android version?

Hi Maniklem, sorry, Graphite has been developed in FileMaker (Apple), there is no way to compile it for Android at the moment (and probably never will).

This app doesn’t come with any source. Where is it?

Hi joomp, the file is not modifiable, if you are interested in the unlocked version, please send me an email to martin@technetium43.net and we can discuss the options.

Hi, Techenetium. I would like to know if this app is iOS Native App.

Hi Jin! Thanks for your interest in Graphite. Graphite is not a native App, needs FileMaker Go (Free) for run.

can it fit for normal pos printer and casher drawer ?

This version doesn’t have the option for print the tickets or open the drawer, the “pro” version will include all that stuff, but is not ready yet…

when will it be released ? we need the pro version

any update on pro version

Hi there, is this app compatible with a barcode scanner? Receipt printer? is there any way you can sync an ipod touch for example, that way the customer can see what their total is?