Discussion on Graphist – Graphs & Charts for Elementor

Discussion on Graphist – Graphs & Charts for Elementor

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Hello, does it work with data dynamically input from the ACF fields?

Hello! Unfortunately, it does not compatible with ACF fields.

Hello can I use dynamic values on these graphs? I have 3 timeperiods with 2 a 3 values that get entered by users.

Hello! This type of dynamic data is not provided. Only dynamic input via shortcode is available for some charts like here –


Congrats. Graphist is a great plugin. I use a version from Envato Elements and i understand there is no support. I have an issue: charts are not displaying on frontend. How do i buy support?


Hello! Please make sure you are using the latest plugin version (1.2.1). Otherwise, download the latest version from your account, install the new version on your site and clear the cache. The item support can be purchased only with the product.


I have a couple of pre-sale questions:

1. What data sources are possible to use? 2. Does the plugin support automatic updates from data source? For example if I use an URL.

Thaks a lot.

Hello! The plugin does not provide the ability to use data from third-party source. You can enter the data manually or use dynamic input via shortcode (available only for Line Chart, Stacked Chart, Donut Chart).

Hello, thank you for the quick reply. So it’s not possible to import data from CSV for example?


No, Import from CSV is not provided.

How many data points can you add? I am currently using the demo and the most I can add it 10 (on the X axis).

Hello! You can add unlimited points on the X axis by adding new values.

hello, just downloaded the graphist plugin on envato elements but its asking me for a purchase code, elements doesnt do purchase codes. please advise. thx

Guys you have a bug that’s messing up my website. I get Error ‘connecting to:' + some params that I assume I should share here. Anyhow your domain is down not my end. Plugin was validated a while back so this means that it goes through a check on each page load which is really god awful UX! This is not right, please fix.

Sorry, it was a temporary problem on the updates server. For now, the plugin activation should work correctly. Thanks for the note about the UX!, we are going to update the plugin soon where this part will be improved.

Thanks for the swift reply. Issue has been resolved.

PRE-SALE QUESTION: Im interested in the “Stacked Bar Chart”. It is possible to use this chart horizontal? I didn’t see it in the demo on your website.

Hello! The Stacked Bar Chart only provides vertical placement.


1- Does the plug-in supports decimal values?

2- Is the display value on hover option added?

3- Is there an option for horizontal stacked bar chart?

Lastly, where can I access to the demo?

  1. Yes, it is
  2. No, it is not provided
  3. No, it is not provided
We can’t provide access to the admin panel for security reasons.

Nothing to add to what my predecessor already said: Beautiful Graphs that would be a gamechanger if dynamic data and ACF would be integrated.

Thanks for your efforts to have a dynamic version of at least 3 Graphs!

Hello! Thanks for choosing our plugin, we plan to add support for dynamic data for other charts in the next updates but can’t specify any timeframe. This can also be considered as a custom service to get this functionality much faster for the required charts

Hi Team, I really appreciate your plugin and support and look forward to the next update. Meanwhile I would love to buy you a coffee if you want share your paypal.

Hello! We appreciate that you are our client and stay tuned, we really want to implement all the wishes of our customers as soon as possible but have limited resources and always work in order of priority. If supporting dynamic data for a specific chart type is very important for you, we can add it as a custom service. Please contact us via if you are interested.

your demo has major problems

Hello! Thanks for letting us know about the problem, we have fixed it.

Hello, let me know when the plugin is able to work with dynamic data. Thanks!

Hello! ok, but the best way to be aware of updates is to purchase a plugin.

Just letting you know that the latest Graphist release contains the feature for using dynamic data through the shortcodes. This type of data is supported only by certain kinds of graphs:

Awesome looking plugin.

Would it work with ACF fields?

So would I be able to use it in a template with data being dynamically input from the ACF fields?

That is really great. But I think what we’re all are asking about is to be able to use the chart inside an Elementor template with dynamic data, together with ACF for example.

So here is an example. You have a custom post type for weather in different countries. So each post of the custom post type represents a country.

Part of this post page is the weather chart showing the monthly average temperature.

So using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) you have 12 fields for each month of the year. In your post, you then input your month temperature values into each of these fields.

So: JAN – 12°C, FEB – 15°C, MAR – 17°C, APR – 17°C, etc. until December.

In your Elementor template for that post type, you will then call these ACF fields using the dynamic data.

And voila, since you designed your charts really nicely, you will end up with an absolutely beautiful weather temperature chart for each post / country.

I understand what you mean, this is in our plans but for now, only the data via shortcodes are supported.

ok no worries, please let us posted if this update comes out.

Congrats on the plugin, looks fantastic! Too bad it doesn’t support dynamic data as it’s a deal breaker for me :(

Thanks, it’s a pity that the plugin did not suit you.

Really usefull and well animated, just two things seems to be missing: – value display on hover and legend?

Hello! Thanks for the note, we will consider adding this feature in the next update.

Any plans to release this plugin for WP Bakery?

Hello! We have plans to develop it for WPBakery, but we can’t specify any time frame for now.

Hello! Thank you very much for letting us know about this issue. Now the demo works correctly. Hope you will be satisfied with the item.

Yes, it’s working. thanks for the quick fix. One more question- where data is stored for forms? Like in a database or can I connect Google sheets etc?

All data is entered manually and can’t be imported from third-party sources. After saving are added to the database.

Hey, this is great, does the graph work with dynamic information? Good luck! seems great.

Hello! Thank you, for now, the plugin does not work with dynamic information.

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks a lot! :)


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