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Awesome, Great Job!

Hi Shane,

A quick observation:

Placing the “plus-icon”, and possibly make it a tad smaller, to the right of the amount would make much more sense. Right now, the plus-icon appears like a broken selector (I didn’t even notice the bold font at first).

Just my two cents, good luck with the sales :)


A simple refresh allows me to vote again. Not exactly an accurate poll while that bug exists. Any chance of this getting fixed?

The poll has been created with a cookie feature to keep users from voting multiple times. You can turn the cookie feature “on” or “off” in the xml. The preview poll that you viewed has the cookie feature turned off so that users can test their voting as many times as they’d like. Here is the configurable xml code for reference: <graphpollSetup cookie=’yes’ expires=’7’>.

Nice, but. would be like: ¿Who was the best player of the match? 1- Cristiano Ronaldo 2- Lionel Messi 3- Iker Casillas 4- Karim Benzema 5- Andres Iniesta

Hi shane_a2,

Nice, very nice.

Can we use the poll with jquery 1.4.4 and do we need the jquery ui

Thank’s in advance


Thanks for your interest in my graph poll. The graph poll was developed using jquery-ui-1.8.17.custom.min.js and jquery 1.7.

Currently I have not tested the graph poll using jquery 1.4.4. So I am not sure if the poll will work with that version or not.

Hope this helps.

Beautiful. Can it be integrated into WordPress securely?

I want to embed my polls on my website. But I also want to use the results after each user votes to affect the options that are displayed next. So every time a user votes, the results will define what the majority wants so far, and by doing so, the majority chooses the buttons that are displayed after. Is this possible with your product? Thanks!