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Hope the author supports more math formula tests with, thank you

Hello xagiavan,

thank you for the feedback but please consider that this is a plugin specific for grammar tests.

Yes, I feel a lot for you to learn more

Pre Sale question: Can I use this plugin for all my websites I owe?

Hello peace19812006,

if all your websites are the same “Single End Product” a single Regular License is enough, if instead your websites are different “Single End Product” multiple Regular License (one for each website) are required.

If this is not enough I recommend you to ask directly to the Envato Support.

Hope this helps.

Dear Sir, There is a problem when the test give the results in the DEMO: English Grammar – Present and Past. In the Past Simple and Past Continuous section, I heve 8 right answers in 5 sentences; but the result reports that: In this section you answered 0 out of 8 (0%) questions correctly. Please check again!

Hello peace19812006 and thank you for reporting this. The demo will be verified in the next few days.

Hi, I’m deeply interested in this plugin, but what stops me from buying is the absence of hints. When I teach foreign languages I also provide my students with translations of every sentence, because there is no point in putting in the correct form, if you don’t know what the sentence is about in the first place. :) So, I guess it would be great if there were such a feature (perhaps exactly like “explanation” that is available now, but if it could be shown during the test, not after its completion. Actually, any format of hints would be great. I guess it would be a useful feature for many future clients and I would really appreciate if you consider my advice. Thank you!

Hello yulliaborkhalenko48,

Please consider what follows:

  • Each test has a “Description” and an “Additional Info” section where you can add information for your students. These fields are available in the Tests Menu.
  • Each section of the test has a specific “Description” section where you can add information about the sections. This field is available in the Sections Menu.
  • In the post/page used for the test you can add additional information, images, etc. You are not forced to include only the test.

Hope this helps. If you need more info feel free to ask.


Well, I guess I can work with that, but I still think that hints would be useful. :)

Another remark: it would be great if there were a possibility to add more than one option for the missing words. For example, if I want both answers to be correct, like “does not” and “doesn’t”.

Thank you for such a great and simple tool!

Hello Yulia, I just replied to your email. For technical questions please continue on that thread. Thank you.