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There is no “video” section in your 1.link script In the second link you have a “video” section in your script that shows you both in the promotional videos. 2.When we got the script on the link then we could use it? Will not need video hostinge?

1-https://codecanyon.net/item/gram-post-instagram-auto-post-multi-accounts-with-paypal-integration/19264650 2-https://codecanyon.net/item/instagram-auto-post-multi-accounts/17252201

Can not you see a link to the videotape? Then I need to talk to my hosting company? I upload the picture in the story part of the picture I give the picture format error

Tab video will show when you install FFMPEG on your hosting

Picture format error when trying to upload pictures to the story. Which extensions are accepted?

re-registration of the license activation key. (demo site kill)

Reset done

i am sorry for my ignorance, but i saw that you have another script for the same purpose, but this one have paypal integration, i know you want to make money but wouldn’t be easier and better for everyone if you create “plugins” for your older scripts instead making people buy multi scripts that does the same thing, and have to reinstall, start over and etc? it kind of makes me afraid to buy a product and a month later you release a better one, like an updated version of the one i have. It sucks!

ReQuestion: is possibile insert in this script the “instagram tools” or similar features present in VTGram – Instagram Tool For Marketing?https://codecanyon.net/item/vtgram-instagram-tool-for-marketing/18101205

let me know if we can get post from wordpress and auto post

Oh thanks :)

it will be great if you join all scripts .. and add support for wordpress posts as well :)

Not logged in with twitter

demo does not working

Because my hosting is basic.

its support only one language or many at same time? i mean that i translate en to french and use only french or can switch between them?

Script support many language and user can select language and then you also can set default language

What differences from VTGram? This script solve the issue of blacklist from instagram?

I want to be reimbursed because this script does not work properly. 1) Error when you want to post a video 2) There is no connection and function trolley to choose and pay packages chosen by administrator. 3) When I insert ID and secret code for social log in, it does not work and does not appear in the log in page button or register page 4) You have not specified by you serving cron job to publish posts on a scheduled basis

This is very serious problem. The script is not complete and does not work properly!

You need contact support if you can’t install it. Customers of me using normal. So you need know as you config wrong.

where a user can choose the packages to buy?

Make paypal to Sandbox in the Demo please so i can test the functionality…

This Script is based on: http://www.instapostpro.com/ what if the service goes offline?

Hi, I need to know 2 things of your script, because I need to understand if use this script or VTGram script:

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ClS4vCad3E As you can see on this video the user area have a lot of voices on menù on left that I can’t see on admin demo version. So, my question is: this script have these features on menù? If not, how to add it?

2) On VTGram I have the problem of “checkpoint_required” error. I will have this problem also with this script or the login method is different?

I wait your reply. Regards

hello, when I share an image, the image is distorted and the quality is reduced. Where can I change this?

When a user registers, is redirected to the “timezone” page. I can make sure that “Italy-Rome” comes as a default?

I am having a problem in the script, when I try to insert an instagram account it loads infinitely and nothing happens.

As I edit this text (2016 – 2017 © VTCreators. All rights reserved.) And hero-img-1.jpg

You do not answer on skype.?

Send for me FTP and website via support form. I will help you check it


Which hosting company works best with your scripr?

Script can working on shared hosting with basic hosting php 5.6+

Hello! How did you solve the problem with bans because of the same IP address and device? Does your script use a proxy?

No, Vey safe. No need using proxy

I have this problems 1. No uploading videos (duration less than 30”) 2. Upload images deformed 3. Added special characters between the text

1. Because it using memory of hosting to handle video. So i also can’t help you this issue 3. I will add it on next version

2. You should using image by policy of Instagram. 1080×1080, 640×640, ...


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Where can I translate this?