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Great item. I may use it at a later state :)

Thanks, I’ll be happy if you find Grafikon useful.

The item looks great. Good job, Implant!

Thanks dude, btw.. I am fan of your items, they look awesome ;)

Great one, better than other is this market place, I will buy, sure!

Good job!


Hello, how to make some animation, is there any example?

Hello, thanks for your purchase! Examples in live preview and documentation include only fading effect, but tomorrow I will do more examples with several types of animations Could you give me an email address to send them, please? Best wishes from me :)

Hello, Are you able to add text on the doughnut slices instead of the text being on the side?

Hallo GoAchieveIt,

Unfortunately,that is not possible without customization. If you are willing to write some code, it can be done easy.


I just purchased the plugin. Followed all the instructions and nothing is happening. I thought there would be at least a template to follow of one of the charts in your demo. I need to create a Doughnut Pie Chart. Please help!

Hello, thanks for your purchase!

Files include examples from life preview, but if you still have a problem with implantation please send me a message via my profile page and I will be glad to help you. Even, could you tell me specification of graph which would like to create and I will make it for you :)


Okay, will do.

Just sent message. Thanks

Thanks for all your wonderful support! I just sent you an email. Please take a look. Thanks

Hello, check your email :)


Man I wish this supported just one more thing and I’d be sold. Bar charts….

Sorry for the double comment. Please reply to this one as I accidentally left the email notification check box unchecked on the previous comment.

Hi dude, for this moment I haven’t much free time and I can’t promise you anything but in the future it is possible and I will have it in mind!

Any option to update values without page reload ?

Thanks, Steve

Which kind of graph? Line chart? I will make simulation and after it I will give you my opinion.

Any one really but line chart would be a good example for live updates..

In the example, interval is 3 sec. I think it is good, although not established for this purpose :) I suppose if interval is 30sec or 1 min will be better :)

Best wishes, Dimitar Dekov


I am interested in purchasing your plugin – but I have a few questions:

- Is this possible that I can allow my visitors to embed this graph so that they can show this graph on their website?

- Can data be retrieved from a mySQL db?

- I want to generate a line graph for last 10 days & their prices? And updated every 6 hours?

Awaiting your reply.


- Unfortunately no, but they can download the graph as image and use it in their own site.

- Yes

- Yes, you can do this :)

Best wishes, Dimitar Deskov

Are you sure? Could you try reloading the page, because to me there is no problem. Thanks a lot.

Hi, I purchased your plugin and I’m trying to make it work in wordpress without success.

I’m using the following code as shown in the tutorial:

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(”#unique-id-for-chart”).grafikon({ width: 700, height: 500, mode: “pyramid”, pyramid: { sections: 2, activeColor: [”#de2e54”, ”#1c2f36”], title: [“First”, “Second”], percent: [80, 20] } }); </script>

But then I get the following error: Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function

Please help, Laurent.

Hello Laurent,

At first glance you do not load jquery library. If you need the support please contact me via email and if possible, give me a link to tha page.

Best wishes, Dimitar Deskov

Hi Dimitar,

jquery, grafikon js and css are all loaded. I’ll contact you privately.

This looks absolutely brilliant. I just wish there were a simple “bar chart” option!

Thank you! I will have it in mind, and soon I hope there are.

Looks great. Bravo

Thank you!

i am unable to change the font color kindly let me know how can is fix this issue. ? kindly give me the response on

If you need the support please contact me via email and if it possible, give me a link to the page, and more important for which kind of graph you ask?

Can you send a working preview link? The one on this page is not working.

tonight should be up again, sorry about that.

done, should be fine now

Excellent! Thank you!

Hi there if I bought this would there be any addon that I could get so that the user could edit the chart from the website? Im looking to do something like this:

Sorry for delay. Right now, there isn’t. It is good idea but I cannot promise you that is will be available soon. I will have it in mind!


Is it possible to use a GravityForm and push the Values via Parameter to a Thank you Page, there the Graficon Chart is created by the Parameters.

Thanks, Thomas

As a ready solution – no, if you are developer, it can be done easily. Grafikon loaded by parameters and this parameters could be set whatever way you want. As far as I understand, it will require to write code, so I suggest you take a look other options. Sorry for delay.

Hello I buy your script, can you tell me how I can use mysql values?


Can you help me ? or explaine me ?

Hi, sorry about the delay. Just print values on the javascript (grafikon) init. function – with php for example..

could you give me an example? I can not insert variables into a table like this ”$points = [$competence5, $competence4, $competence3, $competence2, $competence1];”