GrabIt Error UI Kit

GrabIt Error UI Kit


We all make mistakes, and so machines do. But what matters most is how we present these errors. That’s why we came up with this awesome Error UI Kit to help you and fellow developers alike focus more on the code and worry les on how errors, alerts, messages and notifications should be displayed.

With over 10 presets to select from, each unique style represents different usage case scenario.

In total we have up to 14 different styles (and more in the pipeline), all purely done in HTML & CSS (leveraging on the powerful latest technologies of HTML5 & CSS3).


Why you need this kit.

  1. Fully responsive
  2. Pure and simple HTML5 & CSS3
  3. Cross browser compatible (runs without issues on all major browsers)
  4. Fully documented
  5. Fully independent – doesn’t need any existing front end framework i.e bootstrap etc to work.
  6. Plug & play
  7. We don’t care how you use it, we don’t want to be mean use it as you want with an extended license.
  8. Free updates and support


Styles & Presets

All of the available have been uniquely selected, designed and developed with you the developer and the end user in mind and ease of use.

1. Emergency
2. Critical
3. Danger
4. Temporary
5. Error
6. Alert
7. Warning
8. Debug
9. Dump
10. Info
11. Default
13. Action
14. Success


Thank you so much for the interest in our products.

Best regards,

The SimTabi Team