GrabCab React Native Full Taxi App

GrabCab React Native Full Taxi App

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  • After creating a Driver Account, you have to Approve the Driver, Change Driver Active Status and change the Cartype from Admin Portal.

  • The GrabCab Demo Apps on Apple Store and Google Play Store match the Pro version. Please check above table for a checklist of deliverables you will get on either version.

  • Please always use different smartphones for rider and driver. Do not try to test both apps from a single device or emulator.

Test Accounts

  • Demo Admin Account- / Admin@123

  • Stripe testcard details-
    card no – 4242 4242 4242 4242 / cvv – Any 3 digits / exp date - Any future date

  • Braintree testcard details-
    card no – 41111 1111 1111 1111 / cvv – Any 3 digits / exp date – Any future date

  • paypal username and password – / John@123

Technology Used

  • Mobile Apps (IOS & Android) – React Native and Expo
  • Admin Portal – React and Redux
  • Database – Firebase Realtime Database
  • Server Side APIs – Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Maps & Location APIs – Google
  • Push Notifications – Expo

What’s New ( Change Log )

v1.0 (Standard)

  1. Uploaded to Apple Store and Playstore.
  2. iPad and Tablet Support
  3. Email Login Added along with Mobile Login
  4. Panic Button Added
  5. Map Initializing to Geolocation Fixed
  6. Background Geolocation Added
  7. Driver External Map Navigation Added.
  8. Security Improvements
  9. Documentation improved and setup stages reduced


  1. UI changes.
  2. Mobile Login Added
  3. Email Login Removed
  4. Map Drag for Address Change
  5. Payment Modes Enable and Disable from Admin
  6. Change Currency from Admin
  7. Updated to Expo SDK 37
  8. Documentation improved


  1. Pay with Stripe, Braintree and Paypal
  2. Apple Login
  3. Location Notification Card Honk Sound
  4. Fix – Notification Sound for Android
  5. Driver coming for Pickup – Tracking
  6. Added minimum fare
  7. Convenience fees are in percentage
  8. Real time on-trip tracking in driver side
  9. Driver income screen
  10. Improve payment receipt in both app
  11. Add wallet money
  12. payments and income reports in admin pannel
  13. Driver wise payments reports with filter in admin pannel


  1. Expo SDK updated to version 36.0.0
  2. Documentation improved
  3. Facebook code change as per new Expo version
  4. Expo updated to latest for Rider
  5. Documentation improved
  6. Wallet.
  7. Transaction history.
  8. Card Payments.
  9. Save Card features.
  10. Push Notification.
  11. CSV export from Admin Panel.
  12. Bulk Push Notification from Admin Panel.


  1. Facebook Signup for Rider.
  2. Promo Code Apply.
  3. Registration through Refferal.
  4. Chat between Rider and Driver
  5. Referral bonus.
  6. Dynamic car type.
  7. Multiple booking.
  8. Commission Settings for Each Ride Type.
  9. Driver duty Online and Offline.
  10. OTP verification for ride.
  11. Supports 64 bit Android.
  12. Todays, monthly and Total earning statistics on Admin pannel.
  13. Add/ Edit car type and rates on Admin pannel.
  14. Add/Edit promos on Admin pannel.
  15. Add/ edit referral commission on Admin pannel.
  16. Show all bookings on Admin pannel.
  17. Approve Driver Account on Admin pannel.
  18. Real time Map and show all drivers on Admin pannel.
  19. Show all users on Admin pannel.


  1. Search location using google auto-complete.
  2. One step and easy booking process.
  3. Only one booking at a time.
  4. Live tracking of your ride.
  5. Ride alert for nearest drivers.
  6. Only Email/Password login is integrated for this version.
  7. Forms Validation ready.
  8. Smooth Animation between screens with drawer navigation.
  9. Infinite scroll and clean UI.
  10. Fully component based project structure.
  11. Billing and Rating Ready.
  12. Complete bookings history.
  13. Backend with Firebase real time database (Firebase is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business).

Help and Support

  • This code requires programming knowledge.

  • Supporting items is not a requirement of Envato Market, but buyers on CodeCanyon tend to have questions about the item and require assistance. We will answer to those till we find it relevant.

  • We provide support only through email. Kindly send all types of requests at This is only medium for all support till we setup a dedicated support portal. We are very fast on email but max time of reply can be 36 hrs which happens only if it is a Holiday or Sunday, etc.

  • After sending an email please do not follow up on Codecanyon Comments parallely. The comment does no additional help other than creating another duplicate intimation email which is unnecessary.

  • You can request for solution of bugs and errors. But before reporting a bug or error, it is mandatory that you have found the same bug/error on GrabCab Demo Apps. We will only handle an error / bug resolve which can be seen or verified through the Demo Apps. This means if raised error or bug does not appear on the Demo Apps, it will not be considered as an error or bug.

  • We will only support the current release.

  • Please read the refund policy before asking for refunds

  • You can customize the App as you will. But we do not support any queires on customizations that are not supervised by us.

  • We do customizations which are seperately handled by us outside CodeCanyon. For such requests make a bullet list and send on along with Purchase code. Based on our past interactions we have come to know that in all cases only the valid buyers go for customizations. We want to utilize our time wisely. We will only devote our time in evaulating an estimate for the valid buyers only.

  • GrabCab Template is now GrabCab Pro. Template is being upgraded due to low sale figures. Old Template buyers may download GrabCab Pro for free, but will not provide ny support to buyers before 2nd June 2020.