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What GPS devices are compatible with it? What GPS device information is needed to integrate with the script? Is it possible to put multiple gps devices and display them simultaneously on the map with real-time location?

I’d like to put a GPS device on every bus in my city so people can see where the buses are. Is it possible to do this with this app? What types of GPS devices do they support?

Hi I just buy but seem the point on map not working??? please help

Admin password ?

Here there is no admin. This is app for personal use only (one user).

Hey i Installed Traccar App hidden version. and i am trying to open it by dialing 8722227 but its not opening

can you send me 2 sample data ? of account and point tables ?


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hi, I want to use in our project for the customers. The point is that they are masters and can look out for its movement, it is possible in this script?


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Hi.! very good script, I add a registry so that each user can have their own account and see their own mobile devices without mixing the web : and the app

Thank you for your feedback. Good luck!

I have this error Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT I can’t seems to load the map please help.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home in line 3, ... Help Me


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How do you add an account???

How do we connect this? We want to pass more vars here. Possible?
Ok we got GPSLogger working…. we just want to know if we can pass nore vars here What parameters can we use here… and what are the &vars For instance this isnt working.. it doesnt pass only battery passes

One other question… Can this be run without internet. As long as it passes the data to the site it will work correct? Meaning with GPS tracker tags vs apps

Should I install on my server and your PHP script to make this work ?

No, you can install Trackcar server app OR my script to your choice. No need both.

Thanks for the reply.
I just wanted to know one more thing.
Will the server script show the route map ? Example: start location and path were all the person travelled ? so the full route path for the day will be plotted ?


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Can I install this in a Sub Folder on a Domain ?

You can only if you use the application GPSlogger, but not Traccar (not checked latest version). You need change URL in application settings.

Hello. I am looking for an app to track a phone by his number. If you can do this app please contact: Thanks

Can I add phones to the map and show to the public?