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Hi GoPlay,

When using autoUpload: false, is there a way to show image previews for submited files (like it shows when autoUpload is true)?

Hello, Any support??

Hi Dadone, apparently did not get my mail. At present there is no such possibility, sorry.

I emailed support over a week ago with no reply. This product DOES NOT work as advertised. Uploads always fail and the chunking cannot even be setup.

DOcumentation is also non-existent, complete waste of $10

¿Es posible hacer que aparezcan unos ficheros cargados por defecto?


¿y como lo recoges? ¿que evento dispara? no sería algo como:

.on('delete', function(event, id, fileName, responseJSON){ }

¿y respecto a cargar el plugin con unos ficheros cargados por defecto? ¿es posible?


ok! ya lo he visto: .on('deleteComplete', function(event, id, fileName, responseJSON){}

solo me queda saber si es posible cargar ficheros por defecto, para completar un CRUD.

gran trabajo, gracias

A qué te refieres con CARGAR FICHEROS POR DEFECTO? Si quieres me puedes contactar directamente por Mail desde:


(abajo a la derecha)

hi, thanks for this upholder. is succest. I have two question: 1) How can I write file date (etc: file name and filemdate) 2) is program deleting files one week? can I abort this function?

GoUploader not scheduled removal after a week, that may be your server.

GoUploader not have the option to rename the file.


okey can i see file time? file date? for example: sample.jpg(23.12.2013)

Sorry, i know you’ve gone over this to an extent, but i have a form in which i have a few input fields and the image uploader which is included as: . Then i have a submit button for the form. I want to use the POST method and send the filename to another script which will input the form into a database. My question is, how do i capture the filename in a hidden field to send to the database?

Hi Etchin,

to capture the filename you have to call the function complete with:




  if (responseJSON.success) { 

   $('#hide_text_id').val(fileName); <-- // you code



Thanks for the reply, however, i am still not sure how to incorporate this as i’m not too familiar with javascript. Where would the above code go on my form page? Also, my form ID is submitVideoForm and my hidden field is videofilename. Is there anything else that i need to include where //options is?

Hi! I can’t upload a PDF file with 3MB size. After 100% upload, at the botton file icon, I had a text show me the end, And than I had at the icon top, a message “File is empty”. Size limit variable was changed both on index.php (example) and gouploader.js to 350MB. What is wrong please?

What errors are displayed on the console?

You can send me the URL where the plugin is hosted for verification (PM).

http://codecanyon.net/user/goplay (bottom – right)

Hi! Uploader works well. The trouble was my server, just with .htaccess file configuration. Thanks.

can this be used on an html site?

Pre-sale question…

Como seria el cambio en el archivo PHP para que funcione en ASP?

Hi, I need to know if it can upload 3 images in the same time BUT with the same ID like this:

in DB table <head> </head>
1 img1.jpg img2.jpg img3.jpg
and so on..sometimes one or two or three pics in the same time with the same id per upload.

The EXIF data of an image is not preserved after the upload and resize. Do you have a fix for this?

Hi, I just purchased this. I am trying to upload files greater than 3MB size… is there a way to customize this limit? Also there is no error response text that indicates the user that the file is too large. The message shows in Console though.

ok I worked this out. How do I customize the path and file name? I tried pathUpload:’../../uploads/<?php echo $somefolder.”/”; ?>’,

but this works only for the URL and Image path when previewed… it does not consider the pathUpload during the actual upload :( Please help.

OK Folks… guess there is no support here…. This is what worked for me…

$(’#uploader_install’).GoUploader({ request: {             pathUpload:’../../uploads/’         } }).on (‘complete’, function (event, id, uploadName, responseJSON) { if (responseJSON.success) { console.log( responseJSON.uploadName ); sendToAnotherFunc( param1, param2, responseJSON.uploadName ); } });

Hello, I would afiquirir component but I need examples of it running on asp classic, you would have?

Hi. Were is the documentation? This is no info on possible properties!!