Discussion on GoogleSearchBot - The first humanized Google search bot

Discussion on GoogleSearchBot - The first humanized Google search bot

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es schreibt überhaupt garnix meher bei Google search.

I regret to inform you that google updated their code and the bot stopped working, for now we are not sending updates because we are working on new bots indectables can register your email here and you will receive a notification when everything is ready

HI I downloaded trail version it gives A javascript error occurred in the main process.

new bots are being created please register with your email here to be notified as soon as everything is ready.

do you have an installation video for noobs?

Good morning. inside the DEMO is the documentation folder, just right click on the “index” file and open it with any browser, all the explanation is very simple, the videos are simple and the installation is also easy.

HI I downloaded trail version it gives A javascript error occurrted in the main process.

It is giving some CLI error MKDIR etc.

Good morning. please send a screenshot of the error to for support.

Hallo Leute Proxy funktioniert nicht, ich habe eure video angeschaut und ich einstellung genau so wie auf dem video beschreibn habt. Gibt es ein andere trick für Proxy einstellung ? Mein Proxy sind “Rotation proxy” MfG. ;)

Hello, good morning If you know what protocol your proxy has if it is http,https,socks5 you only have to configure according to the proxy protocol, another thing if you are using the proxy list remember that the proxy must have a PROXY:PORT:USER:PASSWORD format. if your proxy has a username and password, and if it doesn’t have username and password it would be like this PROXY:PORT , when the proxy does not work it is usually these factors that cause problems, you can contact support at and send a screenshot of your configuration to see if it is OK.

Danke für Ihre andwort. ich habe Ihnen ein E-mail gesendet mit Item ” ID: 38531043”

Hi 1. Does he click on Google Adwords ads? 2. Will it be discovered by Google Adwords ads and will the clicks be cancelled? 3. Is it possible to add more than one link to the site if the first link is not found? Thank you

Good morning. NO, it doesn’t do any of those things, it just looks for the keyword and the URL of the result.

I am trying the demo. It does not work as my expectation. For example, I want it to open a chrome window and search a keyword that my website is seo-optimized for. It does search with the assigned keyword, but it does not click on my website, but clicks on a random website

Good morning. I think you are not configuring the bot properly, please read the documentation that comes with the download if you provide the correct URL the bot will look for that url for the domain.

Hello, is there a trial version before buying?

Good morning. please read the product description for a link where you can download a DEMO version.

Good morning, I am trying your program and it is working fine indicating that the page did not load the content of the page. But dear, where is the best site to buy agent agents for specific countries? 2. Is the waiting period set in the pages? 3. Is there a bounce rate?

no user agents are needed, a list of 3000 agents are already added with the bot, please see the bot documentation that comes with the download folder to know how the bot works.

I just bought this. There is some serious bugs that frustrate me. There are also features needed to compete with the traffic software.| 1. It badly needs to be able to save projects. 2. When I fill out the “bot” tab with info and then go to another setting, when I go back the info I filled out is gone. 3. It needs to have the ability to add Keywords, not just 1 at a time. Do you plan on adding/fixing these?

I also can’t get any of my private proxies to work. They still show my current city. I’ve tried every combination of settings.

Good day and happy new year I understand what you need, but you should try the DEMO version before buying the features you ask for I can add them in a future version is not a problem for me :) but about the proxy issue is something weird please I need to know what proxies you are using and how you are configuring the bot, I already tried the option “Use windows proxy” that option you should add the rotating proxy inside the windows settings is the option that gives the best results, even so I will do an update verifying that everything is ok.

i tried demo. it is not clicking on google serp but redirecting to website.

sorry for the delay, the bot clicks with a javascript script, in the link of the site to search, only the searches inside the google box is automated.

the demo file is a rar file, how do I open this to see the demo?

yes, you must have the program installed, the bot only works on windows

I want to purchase your script but I want to ask few questions.

1: Does increase website search rank? 2: Does it click ads on website? 3: Does it send real organic traffic to website? 4: Will google detect as its bot? 5: Is there a way to stop google from detecting it? 6: Is it safe for google adsense? 7: Does it control bounce rate? 8: How many countries visitors will come from?

You have a good tool. Thank you

Good morning. 1. YES it works perfect to increase the ranking 2. NO, this bot only performs searches. 3. Keep in mind that the organic traffic is done by humans, the searches performed by this bot is “artificial organic traffic”. 4. NO for now it is not detected as bot by google, but it is detected as bot by adscore. 5. see point 4, a 100% undetectable bot is difficult to obtain and not cheap. 6. i do not recommend it for google adsense. 7. it will depend on the time of visit. 8. it will depend on the proxies you use.

Hi, Can your script be used to click on google search ads? Thanks

good day, it does not only perform keyword or link searches with search commands.

Hi, I cannot make sense of your sentence, sorry :/

I understand, let me explain again, the bot only performs keyword searches where there is a URL that matches the searches found.

Can I get source ? how much extra i have to pay ?

Good day. about 300 dollars, you can write to my email and reach an agreement.

Hi! Can it be used for Google autosuggest manipulation? Such as what this website offer:

yes, it is exactly what it does but cheaper.

Ok awesome, but I would need to buy proxies right?

exactly, there is a demo in the bot description that you can try before you buy, make sure it does what you need.


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