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Nice work man !!!!!

Thank you :)

Hello. I just purchased your buttons, and I am quite happy, however I am missing dropdown styles?

If you think pressed states, they are already included. I’ll check it as soon as I get home. However if you mean something else, feel free to contact me again ;)

Thank you for these styles, can we have a styled ‘select’?

I will included it in next update ;) but it might take a little longer to make, because I am on holiday right now, so please be patient.

how can we integrate this with my wordpress forms?

Unfortunately you’ll have to implement it on your own, I think using shortcodes is the easiest way.

Hi there!

At first I want to say that you did great job, but with one bug or how can I call this. If you want to put two words on a button, the button width is used only for the first word. The second word is displayed under the first word. Buttons become unusable if you want to put for example “Post Comment” two words on it. Can you fix this please?

Cind regards, Ivan

Just I’ve post the comment I tried to put betwen words the sign   . Soo “Post Commnet” ant it works. Bt you can look for fixs if you want or put in the documentation .

Regards, Ivan

I’ll have a look at that, thanks for noticing ;)

I just want to purchase this ui element. But I can’t find ‘select’(combobox) element in the preview. I read in the comments that you will add them in the next update. Did you add them already? If so can you show them in preview.

Hi, I haven’t done it yet, I don’t have much time these days so it will be updated in near future (hopefully)

what happen to your other packs they been removed?

Yes, they have been removed by me, but don’t worry ;) they will be available for free on my upcomming website, so stay tunned.

k cause i bought some of them, wanted to redownload

In this case you can send me an e-mail, I will send it to you right away.

I just bought this and the placeholder text does not clear out when I go to enter text… it just stays there and gets mixed up with what ever you are typing. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

Hi, this is 100% browser error, the placeholder is HTML5 feature which is not supported in every browser so you can replace it with this javascript or delete it completely.

<input type="text" 
onfocus="if($(this).val() == 'Write your email here') $(this).val('')" onblur="if($(this).val() == '') $(this).val('Write your email here')" 
value="Write your email here"> 

double post

I’m having a small problem with new Google Chrome 21, take a look: http://youtu.be/foYZegMHb48 Maybe theres a bug in this google chrome version, because this stylesheet was working great in old versions.

Hi, I’ve just tried it on Google chrome 21 on my mac (also canary version 23) and had no problems, maybe it was just a little bug that they fixed already.

hello can you make on same design a button type file for upload please ? thx.

Hi, unfortunately not in near future, sorry about that, but it shouldn’t be too hard, but you will have to make container that stands in front of the upload input. This unfortunately don’t work in IE (obviously).

Congratulations! Good luck ;)