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Will this plugin work with themes that already have custom fonts / google font options?

Yes! Google Fonts Pro will apply your Google Fonts directly to your tags via CSS using the ”!important” modifier.

Can I change the font color, size, or weight?

Yes! You can apply as many CSS values as you want to your font thanks to the custom CSS feature added in version 1.1

Not only do you get the point and click usability of selecting over 220 Google Web Fonts, but you get the added power of whatever CSS you want applies to those fonts right from the gorgeous settings panel.

What makes Google Fonts Pro the best font plugin?

The fonts! Most other plugins only have support for a limited number of fonts and options. Google Fonts Pro gives you access to ALL of Google Web Font APIs and allows you to fully customize the fonts you use!

What if the font I want to use is not in the drop down?

The plugin is updated to include all of the fonts avalible as Google releases them. Once and a while you might a find a new one which has not been added yet, if so drop me a line here: http://tyler.tc/google-web-fonts-request-page/

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