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Great plugin, I like it! :)

Hi, any documentation to look at before I decide to purchase?

Sorry, just attached the doc to the downloadable file.

I’ve uploaded it to the demo server, you can take a look on this link:


Epic little plugin, i couldn’t see any info on possibly getting the extended license.

I will be be getting this for my students to use, i know their are other schools interested in this for their VLE/ assessment systems, ill have to point them this way.

Keep it Up!

Hi ifrit1066,

It was disabled, I’ve just enabled it so now you can select it. Anyway, if you have any question about, just tell me ok?

Thanks !!

Excellent. Many Thanks

You are welcome ;)


I just purchased and and trying to install, but the install keeps on failing. I uploaded the folder as a zip, then the google_tools inside the folder, but it’s a no go.

Thank you, really looking forward to testing this out.

Yes there was, I am just used to finding directions on the page here. My final question. I cannot locate the file where tinymce ‘is instantiated’. Can you give me some idea of what kind of file this is and what folder I’d find it in? Thanks.


Yes, I can help you, but may be the email is faster, can you write me to david.lopez@destinomultimedia.com and tell me what kind of application do you have? (custom application, CMS, etc)

Thanks !


I sent an email but I haven’t received no response…Could you make it work?

Hi, Nice Plugin Before I purchase i wondered If i can Embed Documents (pdf, word, powerpoint, spreadsheets) like videos and images? i tried the plugin it inserts a link for the document i would like to embed it also can i? thank you

Hi Osama,

On this release the documents are linked. The only filetypes that are embedded are the images and videos.

Maybe in future releases I can include some kind of viewer, but I can’t give you a concrete date for that.

Is there an english translation of the for the Google tabs. Or is the source code in english to allow me to edit it myself?

Hi omikronuk,

In the plugin config there is an option to configure the language, just configure it and the whole UI will be translated (the UI is loaded from Google API)

You can check the plugin documentation for further info:


Thanks very much, I will go ahead and purchase

Thanks !!!

If you need help or have any issue just tell me ok? ;)


When I run the demo I see that the interface is spanish version. Has this plugin got an english version? Is that possible to translate the plugin to some other language?

Your faithfully

Yes, you can take a look to the plugin configuration docs, you can set up the locales (in my demo is in spanish, if you change it to en, you got it in english)



hello! this plugin works in https?

When you click to open the filepicker it opens an iframe. The filepicker uses Google APIs and all of them works under https protocol, so yes, it works ;)

can i upload image from local and save to google drive by using this plugin?

Yes, when you use this plugin, it opens a Google iframe and you can upload, delete and link the files.

i mean like https://stackedit.io/editor, there is the upload photos tab, so i can upload photos from my computer and save it to my google account and i can use those photos in that editor

Not exactly, you have to upload the images previously from the Google Drive application. Then, with this plugin, you can select the images and link or embed it on the editor content…

You can check the demo here:


Anyway, I’m going to check that if its possible to upload files to Google Drive using the plugin directly. I’ll keep you informed ok?

The demo site is not working, can you please update the site

Yes, i’ve changed my hosting provider and i’ve not uploaded the demo files yet, Give me some hours to upload it, I’ll let you know ok?

Great plugin, Can you give me demo link or video to see how is it work please?


It was a piece of cake. The bad news, you need to code, the good ones, just one line of code ;)

Download this file and open readme.txt. Steps are detailed there. I’ve just tested it on Wordpress 4.7.2.


1. Uploaded wp-content/plugins/google_tools

2. Edit wp-content/........... Console). Done

2. I’m active child-theme, not main theme. SO i copy to child-theme, not good if direct do something on main theme. sometime forget beacuse update new version.
Uploaded wp-content/themes/my-child-theme/ tinymce_google_tools_filter.php

3. Open your functions.php theme file. (Example: if you use “twentyseventeen” as theme, the functions.php file is in wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/functions.php). Ok opend this file of child-theme
4. On functions.php file, add this line on the beginning: require get_template_directory() . ’/tinymce_google_tools_filter.php’;
5. If everything is ok, open a wordpress editing page and you should view something like test.jpg.
HTTP ERROR 500. Because of step (4). When remove it. web work back

Any error code? Can you check server logs? If you want, you can write me to david.lopez@destinomultimedia.com and send me your web url to take a look…


I purchased your plugin some weeks ago, and It’s working great. But I wonder if it’s possible to preview the google drive files with folders structure like usually is showed when browsing regular google drive site.

Thanks a lot!

Is there any way to images have normal URL? I see the URL is base64 and too long. If need customize could you do that?

Can you give me demo link or video to see how is it work please? Site https://www.destinomultimedia.com/demos/gtools_tinymce/ error 400 on click on google button http://take.ms/s6KJS