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Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)

can i use it for playstore search suggestions?

Nope, if you want I can create one for you. Please mail me for details

sure, mail me for details with your budget

Nice work, I have pre sales question, if i buy extended license. How do i charge user to use it?

Like everyone does, one sales page with buy option to buy the extension with your own set price. You can use Paypal to recieve payment and deliver extension to the buyer via mail.

If you are looking for uncompressed extension, so that You can make changes to it in future. Please mail me for details or any other questions!

I installed but its not working. Also I do not have any option of “Do not show instant results” in my Google Chrome. Need urgent help.

Everybody have that option to not show instant results in Google, you just need to google a bit! In terms of functionality, let me see, I will update it!

First time i buy & try, it work fine. But after i shut down my computer, the next day this extension not working at all.

It does not scrap any hashtag.

Is there anything i can do to make it work again?

This is for google, not for hashtag.

does it still works? can it show popularity of each keawords in separate column in digits?

It still works, but it does not show popularity. Please watch video preview to see how it works.

I could not make it work the video is made for old chrome. can you make the instructional video for the new chrome platform. it is different. Thanks

Working fine, just tested. Can you drop me a mail? I will help you out

Hi Krishna, does this Extension still working? I would like to buy it now if it does still working great.

My previous Chrome Extension does not working anymore since last week, so I need a replacement as soon as I can.

Thanks for your answer.

yes, its working fine. Please drop me a mail if you have more questions or need some custom extension .

$149 r u serious ? i see this less than $30 few weeks back

drop me a mail, I will help you out