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Very nice script! I like this a lot but how hard would it be to display on a wordpress page to get same full screen like demo?

Very easy, you can also use and iframe or simply enable php code in wordpress: and copy the code inside.

Apparently the demo is not working.

What is the problem?

Demo is working well, but there no search location box, so the visitors will just visit locations only where the admin setup.

Yes, this is the scope of the script. An easy way for hotel or restaurant to display more than a single space.

Great work, good luck! :)


this script work for only google street view or i can click the photos and make own street view for my office ??

It works only with Street View at the moment

It works only with Street View at the moment

Hi there

What about Google Business virtual tours? Some business have virtual tours on Google maps.

I also have Real Estate Agencies that have virtual tours at their properties but only on their website since Google does not do virtual tour for Residences. Would I be able to bring my own from my camera?


At the moment no, i will add support in a future.

Thanks for getting back to me. I found one on called PanoPress from You should look into it :) Maybe add more options.

It’s maps that cause this problem, i can’t fix it.

i bought your script, but dont know how to include pano into your tour, why the tour not base on panoid? can we include ( in to the tour and how to get “lat;long;fov;heading;pitch;” ?

Hi, i think google change (another time :( ) the render html of maps page, i will update it soon.

where do I place my address? in the script? does this have auto play as well?

I need a special camera to take the photo sequence ? or there is an application to do with a normal camera ?

hi, you need a trusted photograpeher that upload the spheric photo on google

This is awesome! Is there possibility of adding html over page like a banner at top and bottom? Also, can an agent specify property addresses and have them display on bottom as in demo?

Geez, where do we get long/lat for an address?

There are a lot of solution online, like:

Love this plugin, going to buy it, presale question “Is Google street view Api is required?, Is there any way to hide Google Logos?, How I will add any location for example I want to add dubai to my collection, what will be the complete procedure?, can I modify style?”

Hide google logo is contrary to google policy. Api are required but free :D

You have only to edit a .txt file adding the coordinate, yes you can change the css

I think I will be wanting a refund, this code does not work on new street view images

What does this mean from the comment above? ” new street view images”

Also how many locations can I add in total or is it unlimited? Thanks

@codecanyon is this supported?