Google Social Tracking

Google Social Tracking

Don’t you wish you could track the traffic impact of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn using Google Analytics ?

Now, you can easily track social interaction on your website with our script Google social tracking Analytics

If you have social network buttons ( Google, Facebook like, Twitter share,...), it is important to know which buttons are being clicked and for which content. For example, if you publish articles on your site, you’ll want to know which articles are most commonly “liked” or shared, and from which social networks they are being shared (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

Also, after integrated the generated code by our script, you will see a detailled Google Analytics report for social plugin. For example : Pageviews, Avg. Visit Duration, Pages/Visit for traffic from each social network.

This allows you to measure the impact and effectiveness of your social initiatives, create more popular content, increase your investment in the social networks that referred fewer visits but higher quality traffic.

Social is increasingly important as a marketing channel, so do not hesitate to use our script !

Track in Google Analytics all these interactions
  • Google+ +1 button clicks
  • Twitter button
  • LinkedIn shares button
  • Facebook “Like” button
  • Facebook “Share” button
  • Facebook “Send” button
  • Facebook “Follow” button
  • Facebook “Comment” button


  • Track your social interaction button to increase the traffic of your website
  • The script is ready to use, you do not need to install something.
  • No database required
  • Many options for configuring the social buttons (use the official data)
  • 100% source code
  • Documentation guide very clear

*Requirements : PHP enabled server to generate the javascript / html code