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FIXING “Failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)” error

Error “0xc0000135” is sign that you have not installed .NET Framework 4.0 libraries on your computer. Please download setup from here: Finally reboot your computer and try to run again the application.

My country doesn’t appear on application country list

Since the v1.7 update you can input manually the Google country URL to be used. If your application doesn’t allow you, just download it from your profile page:

Wich Google API calls are used?

Not using Google API calls, just parses Google html content and extracts results via regex optimized-for-speed parsing engine.

FIXING 503 error

503 error means “too much requests”. If you get this error try to lower the “Max results” value. Google will temporarily ban your IP when you get this error. Just restart your router or wait a few minutes to continue.

This package includes the source code ?

No, sorry. Source code is sold via Paypal only.

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