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Can i have your email i want to discuss some thing


use the private messaging form on my profile page

will this be made available for Mac users?

Does package not including source code ?

No, sorry. Source code is sold separately

Missing .LT version. Can I expect it to appear in a newer version?

Updated it but i’ve no time to upload it. Send me a PM and i will email it to you

in setting i only see “clear keyword” and “clear domain”, i dont see more

will send you the update via email. Please stand by

Hola, necesito tu ayuda porfavor, escribeme un mensaje privado desde mi perfil de usuario, gracias!

How much is the source code?

Use private messaging to contact me.

Hi Author! Does it support And compatible with Windows 10?


I just bought your product but can’t find

Can You let m eknow how i can chceck Polish Google?

My licence is 572b3004-b2a9-4c5b-b07c-91006a3ada58 – 27 Apr 2016

Please write a PM to me and i will send you an updated version. Thanks for purchasing.

Hi, this program support ?

Hi, please purchase this item and write a PM to me. i will send you an updated version.

hi i have purchased your google serp tool but it’s not running for me when i insert url and keywork and click SEARCH NOW , it shows “erro 503 while trying to connect, too much requests, please refresh your ip” .I have restarted modem wifi and computer, but it’s still not running

The application throws this error when you exceed the maximum number of requests per second. Normally Google allows new requests after a few minutes.

If your ISP assigned you an static IP, this can be a problem, ask your ISP to assign you a dynamic IP.

Another option would be to lower the value of the ‘max results’ field, 20 is normally a good value.

Hi, is there an option to find low competition keywords with high traffic like

Not atm, sorry

Buenos días, He instalado el programa, después de tener que inhabilitar Panda porque lme decía que era un malware, y no funciona. ¿alguna solución? Gracias

Hola Nacho, tranquilo que el software no lleva virus ni malware ya que para publicarse en Codecanyon tiene que pasar una revisión por parte del staff de Envato, se trata de un falso positivo.

No hace falta que deshabilites el software antivirus, solo añade una excepción y ya esta. El software funciona correctamente, tiene 172 compras y una valoración de 4,5 de 5 estrellas. Seguro que hay algún error.

Tienes instalado el .NET Framework 4 en tu PC?, si no es así lo puedes descargar desde aqui: , de todos modos Windows 7, 8 y 10 creo que lo llevan preinstalado.

Para cualquier otra duda solo responde a este mensaje, gracias por la compra. Saludos cordiales.

Hola, Solucionado una duda más, he hecho tres búisquedas y me sale el error 503, cuánto debo esperar oqué debo hacer para seguir buscando posiciones Gracias

Este software emula un navegador web para hacer las peticiones, cuando una navegador hace muchas peticiones web seguidas a Google este lo banea temporalmente por IP, si tienes IP dinámica puedes apagar el router, esperar 30 segundos y encenderlo de nuevo, tu proveedor de servicios de Internet te proporcionará otra IP y podrás continuar.

Para futuras búsquedas usa un valor mas bajo en “max results”, seamos sinceros, si no está entre las 20-30 posiciones en el ranking es que necesitas mas SEO.

Saludos cordiales!

Hi, I am interested in the Google SERP Source Code. On the product page you say that it is available for $30. However I can’t find it. Please advise. Thanks WN

Please send me a private message using the form in my profile page. Thanks.

I’ve sent you an email with a purchase link.

I want to buy source code, what is the link for it?

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write me a private message from my profile page and i will send you a 1h download link. I’m out of office, expect it in 5 or 6 hours. Sorry for that.


Is this support google indonesia ?


Is this support google indonesia ?

Hi, looks very promising and highly useful software tool! Well designed too! Will this software still be supported by you in the year 2017? If yes, then I am absolutely in! :-)

Yes, this tool is still supported in 2017, anyway, check my portfolio for SEOFOX application (another seo tool)

Beautiful InfinitySoftware I will definately go check out that too! Looks very practical even with a graph to follow the trend. Really nice. You also support that other software in 2017? Can I limit the amounf ot GOogle searches in more granular steps of 10 step increments? New sites require higher search depth (more riscs of being banned by google, fewer searches) while longer runing sites require shorter que depths and more often searches I would imagine.

Also, will the SeoFOX work for (Netherlands)?

Yes to all questions ;)