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Does it shows number of search volume for each keyword?

No sorry, google suggestion does not support that function


I would like to scrap google seo keywords for different products and export those seo keywords to my website. Do you think it can help improve my website seo ?

OR What is the best way to improve my website visibility in google search engine. Can generating or scrapping seo keywords and put them in website on respective products pages help improve my page visibility?

Your expert advise will be highly appreciated

Thank you Ronnie

Hello, thanks for your interest. First of all use Google SEO Keyword Planner to scrap keywords and long tails with good search ratio, then rewrite the description of your products or your blog entries to adapt it with the new keywords.

Google SEO Keyword Planner- Can I buy the source?

I sent you message.

Check inbox

Can you integrate the user login with Id and password that are registered to my blog .

I would give this application for my blog subscribers for free , but I they need to login to the application before to use . can you integrate it for me

Sure, i need a MySQL databse with USER and PASSWORD fields. PM me with the details.

Anyway, you cannot give this software for free, let’s talk about redistribution rights and fees.

Any chance of seeing a demo? Also can I purchase the source code?

write a pm to me

Hey, just bought your little helper and wanted to ask, if you may plan to implement an “add to clipboard” function. I don’t want to save all data within a txt file. I’d like to drag and drop keywords simply and fast. Thanks for your services!

Update approved

Hey, I’ve seen the update so far and I’m happy. For some users it could also make sense to “copy selected to clipboard”. Moreover, to set profiles would be a big improvement. Consider, that negative or favorite keywords also depend on the topic you want to identify keywords. So having the possibility to set profiles would give users the opportunity to set different negative and favourite keywords. But you did a really good job so far. Maybe you could write a tiny manual as well. (For example I get different search results if I set “&” at the end of the keyword. – Try it yourself, you will see the different mostly within the first 10 keyword results).

Hello, i need your help, please write me a private message using my profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/infinitysoftware

Very good work!

can i see the demo?

No demo ATM, sorry.

Good Day, I installed the Keyword Planner but didn’t have a chance to use it. When I tried to open it again it wouldn’t open and said “the operation has timed out”

Please assist

Write me a private message, i will send you a fix

Awesome tool. Can I buy the script/source?

Yes sure, just send me a private message using the contact form in my profile page. Thanks!

Any chance of downloading a demo? Also can I purchase the source code?

No sorry, there’s no demo at this moment. Yes, source code is available via paypal