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let me know if you make a facebook version that can also pull images from pages that you admin or public pages :P bookmarked for now… any plans for wp version?

Hi pleiadene, facebook version already exists free in the wordpress’s gallery plugins. I know it’s “No-refresh page” but now I did not in my plans to develop this plugin integrated with facebook.

As for the version of the same plugin for wordpress, is under development, and I hope that soon we can offer it for CodeCanyon.

While being developed, I can assure you that this same plugin can be integrated easily in Wordpress.

In my web (, which is Wordpress, you can see it. I’m going to add docuementación about how to integrate it this afternoon.

Thanks for the question.

I added the tutorial to integrate with Wordpress the plugin, in brief will be available. It’s simple to do.

can this work for a Google + page ?

Yes techplugged, it works with Google Plus pages.

Is this Wordpress? before i purchase is i want to know it this easy to install on html like a 1,2,3 process ?

First, thank you for the purchase! Yes, you have steps at documetation/startguide.pdf !

olyveira16, I have installed the plugin per your WordpressGuide.pdf included with the download. I have verified all steps. I think the only major issue is that I already had a theme in place. Even when I replaced the folders you suggested within my theme folder, editing the header.php and the stylesheet.css and adding the to my page the gallery will not show. I am stuck here.

Hi athomecomputerhelp! Thank you for the purchase! I don’tunderstand what you mean with “I already had a theme in place”. If you want you can pass me temporary login data and I can take a look at your gallery and see what happen.

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. I already have a Theme in place that edits the Header.php and the stylesheet.css. I added your recommended code changes however the gallery did not show up. How can I send you temp login info discretely?

Send me here the data ( and we will try to fix it.

I like the script, however when I tested it out, it only shows 1 album. I’ve uploaded other photos and they do not show up. Any advice?

Nevermind I see what is going on. It takes the photos that are shared on your page rather than in the photos that you upload.

Hi dansmelt! Thank you for the purchase! The plugin takes the photos that you have one your page, but only the photos that have the “public” feature seated on the album privacy adjust.

Hey there, one quick question:

Can I show pictures from one album but in full size, one under other, something like this:

THey should appear by time published

Hi DizajnMagazin, sorry, I’ve been on vacation! Yes, you can do it, at here: you can se that when you click on the image the plugin have the similar effect, a lightbox.

Or you can use a diferent kind of gallery wich do what you want. And then integrate with our Google Plus Gallery Plugin.

Can you answer my question^^

Do you have an example for mode: ‘album’? The only example provided was for ‘albums’.

It is pulling albums just fine, however the following code renders blank:

$(document).ready(function() { var settings = { username: ‘115396103699306xxxxxx’, mode: ‘album’, album: ‘5953210470983xxxxxx’, popupExt: function(photos){ photos.fancybox({ ‘hideOnContentClick’: false }) } } $(”.googleplus”).gplus(settings); });

Hi Royalt! First thank you for the purchase! Try to change the album id with the album name, google has change his api. Example: Change “album: ‘5953210470983xxxxxx’,” With “album: ‘AlbumName’,” (without quotes)

It must works!

That did it…. thanks for the response

Can I use this in joomla?

Can I use it on any website like joomla and opencart?

Hi selo47usa!

If you integrate it with the php, similar that the wordpress’s integration, yes you can. But you need to know how to integrate it (php).

I have installed the plugin as per your WordpressGuide.pdf included with the download. I have followed all steps. I replaced the folders you suggested within my theme folder, editing the header.php, the stylesheet.css and adding to page the gallery will show.but when we click on gallery album it is not showing inner images here is my website.

I should have read the comments first. I bought this to SAVE TIME, otherwise I would have used a free plugin. This is NOT plug and play—and I did take the time to follow the instructions exactly, and as of right now it still does not work!

Hi,compliments for the work! What are the corrects steps to hide “profile foto” from the albums? Best regards? Smanimania

demo do not working

Demo still not working. Is this a product you want to continue to sell?

Hi. Is this still live? Before I buy I wanted to know if this works specifically with Google Photos, or uses Picasa? Because Picasa is being discontinued soon. Thanks.

It uses Picasa…