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Pretty cool , just wish it was a bit more advanced and searched 411.com / zabasearch / pipl for related users and compacted all the data , I know that sounds extreme but that wouldd be sick , you could slap a 50-60$ price tag on it if you did that.

I do like your script though , very sexy!

Thanks, I will work on your idea :)

A couple adsense spaces will be good to revenue.

Yeah i will add these in thanks

could you explain how this works? I do not believe Google plus displays or even makes email addresses available for casual users.

Is this only for extracting info for people in your OWN circles? OR can this be used to extract emails for any google plus user, whether they are in your circles or not??

Yes the script is scraping this, https://plus.google.com/s/Terry/people then displaying the results and then when the using clicks on the more info button on my script that executes a script to go to the profile page and grab information and display it in the modal which pops up. If the google+ user has there email displayed on there profile which quite a few do then the script will be able to get it.

search added in database ? or creates any listing ? index-able by SEs.

The script does not currently do this. This would be a custom job. Thanks

This script has massive potential which you’re not fulfilling yet, add these features to increase your sales.

1. Able the search by occupation, work or school/college
Example: http://pff.pricop.info/occupation

2. Able to detect only users who have included email address in profile

3. Able to export user results from search (with gender, location and email address) to CSV file.

Include these, then you will have a best seller on your hands.

Thanks for all this help! I really appreciate it. When you search Terry smith it scrapes picutres and profile ids, when you press more info the script then gets the user id and then scrapes the profile information. However I will make an export function for this script.

Any news about the update? Waiting to buy.

It will be a few weeks till I have the time to update this. I am extremely busy with other jobs.

Amazing … , But if You add by search by location … and grab email it will be cool …....

Hello, this other script that i made scrapes location data, http://codecanyon.net/item/google-plus-people-scraper-php/10399079 and this script already scrapes users emails if there email is visible. Thanks

How can you increase the limit of profiles that are scraped? Possible to scrape over 100?

That’s the total amount my script can scrape from Google

Any news about filtering for emails and CSV export? Whats the timeframe.

I am currently very busy on other projects. I will try and get an update out for this within the next month or so.

what happened to your location/maps scraper?

Google maps updated and removed all the classic features, so the script stopped working.

Hi I want to know if the email must be removed one by one or they can be downloaded in bulk?

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales

Is there an update? Does not seem to work anymore.

Does this work… Demo not working. Want to make sure before buying

I have tried your demo but its not working. Please send me correct link of demo. I want to buy your script today