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Can it be modified to retrieve the groups you’ve joined?

That doesn’t seem to be supported

Possible to post on connected users wall?

you can post to google? and looks like the demo have some issues

Thanks for letting me know, will check it out. Currently the API is not supporting the posting on Google, so that’s not supported by this script yet

Can it retrieve the Google+ profile URL and the Email Address? I have purchased your Facebook and Twitter connect codes. but not sure if I want to use those.. instead i am interestedin Google+ thank you

We just updated this script and now it’s possible to fetch users email address !

I want to know that can i integrate it with my current websites?

Everything is possible sure, but would need some customization

Can i generate an own API Key / App or does this run over your API Key?

The script needs a Google plus client id and secret defined in the config file. Not sure if that answers you question

Demo is not working. Is it possible to get email adress?

Just tried it and working fine, you need to remove the codecanyon frame above. Will be updating this script coming days to have the email returned as well. Was’t supported when we released the script but now it seems to be supported


The app has been fully updated and now it’s possible to get users email as you can see it on the new demo: – We always fetch to improve our products and we support all on them ;)

Great script!! Thanks!