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Hi, I have using your beautiful plugin for months now and it works good without any major hiccups. However, there is noticeable flaw in the plugin. It does not show the price of the paid apps and the price is displayed as FREE for all apps (free or paid).

Please fix the issue and let me know when it’s done.



Hey Droidviews,

we’re sorry about this issue, we’ll resolve it and push an update as soon as possible.

Cheers, Anatoli.

Hi great plugin ! I have appbox and google box under my posts, but nothing to show that it’s iOS and Google play ; http://electricstudio.fr/news/aquafadas-viewer-3-5-supporte-le-64-bit-et-le-retina-x3/

How can i add a simple text ‘Apple Store’ and ‘Google Play’ close to the right of the title of the app? Thanx for your help ;)

Hey blackspirit,

please contact us using the support contact form and we’ll send you two custom plugins with app’s store name as soon as possible.

Regards, Anatoli.

Hi again and thanx for your quick answer ;)

A second point will be to have the download button just like the other item, with a black icon and left-align ; can you tell me in with file i have to look to add it ? Thanx

For my first question (adding the ‘store’ text on the right of the name of the app), there is an good exemple here : http://www.welovemac.net/1button-lance-quetzalcoatl-un-nouveau-casse-tete/

At this time, ‘apple store apps’ and ‘android apps’, are introducing some confusion, because nothing indicate which store it is related.

any plan for RTL direction i have some issues

Hey hannooi,

RTL compatibility is coming soon with the next version of the plugin, just send us a mail if you want it earlier.


yes please i will send you ..


Oltre al plugin per l’App store Apple ho acquistato anche questo per il Google Play. Il problema principale è però quello della moneta: i nostri server sono in Danimarca ed il prezzo viene mostrato in Corone Danesi anzichè in Euro (il nostro sito è italiano): c’è modo di risolvere il problema ? Avete pensato ad aggiungere un’opzione nello shortcode per inserire anche manualmente il prezzo con la valuta corretta ?

Senza questa funzionalità il plugin è al momento inutilizzabile per noi per le app a pagamento sul Play Store…. Grazie

Abbiamo risposto alla mail ;)


Excellent Tech Support ;) Waiting for the update

Thank you Anatoli

Assistenza tecnica eccezionale ;) Aspetto l’aggiornamento software. Grazie Anatoli

The plugin was updated, just give it a try! ;)


does this plugin have the auto update feature? how to configure it?

Hey datrizal,

Actually the plugin has no auto update feature since purchase verification is needed.
You can find the documentation in the plugin package, there are some lines about the installation and customization. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop us a comment or a mail and we’ll reply as soon as possible.


A suggestion .. You should make design (for example, material design)

Or you could tell me how? If I buy it, you help me with a different design?

If I want to change something design “material design” How much would it cost? or would be free through the tray.

Hey jmcastillo507,

We’re sorry for the delay but the team is on vacation now and we’re coming back on September 1st so expect a plugin update around that date. Also, if you need to customize the plugin we’ll definitely help you for free.


You can report all the new features that brings this new version.

Hey jmcastillo507,

This version has a totally rewritten core in the style of App Store Screens’ plugin and features Material redesign by turning the old box into a card and the frontend styling is written in SCSS and compiled to CSS. Everything else just works as before (shortcode, cache,…).


Hello, update the plugin to version 2.1.0 and want to know why some applications are not displayed correctly, what is the problem with that. I tried with Firefox and Google Chrome browsers and both happen the same. Look:

NO-> http://andesken.com/5-aplicaciones-anime-para-android-que-te-encantaran/ (all links to apps work perfectly) YES-> http://andesken.com/10-wallpapers-animados-de-zombies-para-android/

Besides this, the text “Free” is not displayed in Spanish.


Hey Delkko,

Have you tried to clean the cache? Head over Google Play Box Options into Cache section and click the button under Vanish cache, then save by clicking the grey checkmark at bottom left. If this doesn’t work, please contact us using this form and well help you.


Hello! When App Store Box is the same design? Very beautiful!

Hello again Leokolt,

Nope, App Store Box won’t get this design because it will keep following Apple’s design style.


:) And what will be the design around ? And when will update ? )))


when I try to activate the plugin it has the following error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/34/6470734/html/games/wp-content/plugins/squared-googleplaybox/squared-googleplaybox.php on line 13

Hello Harry,

It should be an error caused by your PHP version. We use namespaces for our plugins to be standalone modules and avoid function overwriting issues. Namespaces have been introduced first in PHP 5.3.0.

I suggest you to ask your web host a software upgrade to avoid security exploits since PHP has reached version 7.0 in development and even WordPress requires PHP version 5.6 or greater.


You’re the man! Thank you!!! This fixed many other issues i’ve been having too

just want to say thanks man you do a great job for these plugins i really like them

Hello again dude,

We do really appreciate this and hope our plugins will help you making your site better!


ASKING want to refund plugins, I thought That was the layout and most do not,

Hello Geeknoticia,

Unfortunately we’re unable to refund you since you didn’t submit a refund request and it’s specified at least three or four times that this is a WordPress plugin (otherwise, I didn’t fully understand exactly your request).

If you still want to try to get a refund, please submit a refund request not a comment, describing the issue you’re facing accurately and we’ll be glad to help you.

Regards, Anatoli.