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Great work!

Thanks :-)

Hey thanks Tean. As always positif :-)

Looks and works great! Thanks :)

Thanks Rik :-)

Great. Out of the box working file. How do I change the ‘google+’ notification on the left upper corner of the first image ?

That’s just a css setting. Open googleplus.css and find .stack:after Then you see the css rule content: “Google+”;

Just change it to your needs

Any plan to include simple backend for this script. Just to put userid and albumid?

This is a php class. So it has to be included in your php file. This is NOT a WP plugin

I don´t know wy, but is not working. I change de ID´s but it´s just the titel.. no images..

Show me your (url) google+ album so I can see the ID’s and set up a test

ceasar, plugin look great, Bu tI need to know if it can display all Google+ albums. I have a user who uploads albums and photos onto Google+ regularly. I need the plugin to show any new albums that are added automatically. Can it do this, or would I have to go into wordpress and add each album individually?

You will have to add each album by hand. Each album has a unique ID. Be aware that this is not a WP plugin

Hallo http://gervanveen.nl/Knipsel.PNG I bought this for the screenwriters just above. Just does not work, that I do not understand how.

greeting Ger van Veen

Sorry, don’t know what you mean or what you want. see the support tab how to get help. http://codecanyon.net/item/google-photo-albums-php-class-with-stack-effect/4439095/support

Pre purchase questions:

1. Can i have multiple albums on a page? 2. When I set up my Google plus album, will any new images I add appear on the webpage calling this?


Hello, I am unable to find the name of the album and the id of google + albums. for more than one month to google changed the links page. thank you for your help.

Again. Show me your url to your albums or I cannot help you

Thank you Ceasar. i’m show the album by email

I googled for your album and found this


then in the script you have to set

$album = new googleplus('album');

See post above. You need to go to Google+ This is photos.google.com. At this moment I cannot find any API to retrieve these photo’s

Google no longer generates id number and album name

Read the post above where I posted the code ! Go to photos.google.com and your album. You can then read that all the photo’s will be a part of Google + and you can click to go back to Google+

ps. Always stay on the same thread since it looks like you missed the code in the previous thread.

And I already told that there is no API for photos.google.com

It also looks like your album on photos.google.com is not set to public, So perhaps that is the same on Google+

Ceasar, I’m having a problem where clicking on the stack causes the top stack frame to be downloaded as a jpeg file to my computer rather than opening up the album photos in the colorbox like in your web example. I’m sure it’s something simple but I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks.

No worries, figured it out. Calling the jquery script with an http address from an https page was the culprit. Changing the jquery address to https solved it.

Great :-)

Hi. I can’t seem to find the PHP/SampleCode for utilizing the Masonry effect in the code I downloaded. Would you be able to provide that?

Best way is to look at the source of the demo. As stated in he item description, I also made an example with a nice masonry effect. This is not included in the download package but very easy to add

This plugin can run at php5.5+ ?