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Nice Work, Good Luck With Selling! :)

Thank you!

Demo not working, pls let me know when and where can i check the plugin.

Works fine now, probably too big traffic.

Please let me know if any any problems

is it working with another plugins? yoast seo, wpsuper cache etc…?

Yes, we’ve not found any conflicts with other plugins when testing. It’s also recommended to use wpsupercache or similar as plugin doesn’t replace caching plugins or plugins for minfiying like autooptimize, etc.

works your plugin with wp-rocket?

OK than I buy it!

Hi I tried it, but some functions doesn´t work with my wp system. So I checked it at and so looks good! Its a shame for me, but I thing other costumers have fun with your plugin. So thanks for the refund! Cheers Jens

I’ve refunded. Thank you for try. Probably conflict with other plugins, we’ll check more plugins for compatibility.

dear friend, is it possible to work with this plugin in Mexico? I mean, does square supports Mexico? please let me know, I’m very interested. thanks.

Hi. Plugin should work in any country

Will it eliminate render-blocking javascript and CSS in above-the-fold content

No. It doesn’t provide this functionality. This functionality may be fulfilled by other plugins that are in requirement list of our plugins (e.g. autoptimize). THOUGH plugins can’t eliminate rende-blocking with 100% accuracy – sometimes code of theme/plugins have to be re-done by programmer to eliminate render blocking (or plugins making this blocking have to be disabled).

How does this optimize images? With what plugin or setting?

It optimizes images right on your site by optimizing images in the media library if appropriate checkbox is checked.

Ok, but with what technique? I am a developer myself and would like to know since I am interested in this plugin for a few clients

It optimizes images to 80% of quality (high quality) in same way it’s done PhotoShop using PHP. Additionally it change size if image is bigger then 2 thousands pixels.

Because he has not made my refund

I’ve refunded. Thank you for try.

Hello! I used a lot of plugins, but they help to get only 1-2 plug-ins into green color, which have two problems: 1. the site does not appear accurate, the design becomes a curve on some pages and 2. the site starts to hang with the server. Can I test your plug-in somehow?

Hello. If you send me link here or via support form I can do fast site check and tell you if your site has enough room for automatic optimization.

Will this work with WP Rocket cache?

Yes, it should work together without problems. Though WP Rocket have some features that overlaps with our plugin so increasing of speed/rank may be not too big.

Hi, I just bought plugin and facing some issues. First: When i click plugin settings tab, it loads extremely long comparing others tabs in dashboard. Very strange sh*t. Second: I just pressed: Optimize Now and nothing happened more then 10 minutes. Simply nothing. 0%.

Take a look:

Some updates: i tried to different websites and both got so much lags. I don’t get why it takes so slow

Hi Alex

I’m not sure why it’s working like you’ve described. It works fine when we’re testing. Please note that optimization of images may take some time.

Probably there is some specific problems related to your hosting environment. Feel free to send refund request if plugin doesn’t work on your site.

Thanks. Volodymyr.

Hi Suyadik. Plugin uses same settings for optimization of mobile and desktop. I’ve reviewed your site fast (used google to find by name of article. There are about 50 images on that page that are too big. While our plugin optimize image by weight it doesn’t optimize by height/width. I’ve checked few images and they have square 10-20 times more than needed, use width 1600px while shown in the 50px box. In result that page loads 8,5Mb mostly images and goolge also “see” that images are bigger than needed. I.e. you have to use 570px images instead.

Thanks. Volodymyr.

compatible with nginx? Thanks

No, with Apache only

Hi does it have lazy load feature for images ?

- Does it still work?

- Can we use it for multiple websites?


Yes it works. License is sold for one site only.