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Hi, can use instead of google- your own map or jpeg file?

I cant realize this. Sorry

Dont worry its my website and i did this :) I just want to have Hotspot InfoWindow on pins.

very nice website

Can you slide HTML or plain text instead of images in the slideshow?

I do not know. I’ll try to realize this.

Clarification needed. Infowindow-Slideshow refers to a slideshow within the infowindow, correct?

the infowindow contains the slideshow (or a single picture). an update with a text rotator is coming soon

I havent got the master slider, but I think you can use the master slider with my Google Maps with Infowindow-slideshow.

YEAH !!! my client is very happy with the infowindow-slideshow :-)

thank you for your feedback! And thanks for your rating

Greetings. I am interested in purchasing this script. Can you tell me have you tested it on iPhone? Is it responsive? How does it look on a mobile device? Can you include a sample image of that? Thanks!

Hi Strikeplate I have testest my script and it works on iPhone 4 (Screenshot: ), iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and also on HTC One, Samsung Galaxy (3 Mini, 4, 4 Mini, 5) and iPad 2 and iPad 3. and of course its responsive

The map is responsive, but the info window itself has a fixed width in my examples.

Hello, is it possible to create differents marker on the same map ?

Thanks ;)

Unfortunately this is not possible. Or I do not know how this can be done

Ok, thanks … :/

Please send me an e-mail if you want to have the bonus package

Thank you for the bonus pack. It’s great! :)

thank you for rating my item :)

Are they any iPad/Android compatibility issues I need to consider?

Hello alect7 !

I dont know any issues. My item works on iPad 3, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy and also on HTC One and other mobile devices

of course it works on iPad and iPad2 too

Hi, Margin seems to be slightly wider on the RHS compare to LHS. How can we make it similar width of the margin so the photo is in centred.

Let me know , thanxks

I’ve Send you an email

Awesome support – fully recommended! Thanks Toni

Thank you very much!

Nice Work!.. Welcome to Envato.. Good luck.