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hey the demo is offline, can you bring it back up. am intrested

hi, please check now.

hi, how can I add the borders?

To edit existing borders, you have to use the following parameters – strokeColor:”#A52A2A”, strokeOpacity:0.1, strokeWeight:2.

To create a new shape layer you have to have proper polygon coordinates.

hi sir. I’m web designer, I’m looking for away to create my own borders for counties and make it interactive, it will take me years to do it, I need after that to attach it to other SQL database, is that product can help me for this way. and if yes what the exactly way to draw the borders? can I import the borders as other extension (PDF,PNG, DWG)?

hi, sorry for a late reply. See the borders are essentially a set of longitudes and latitudes forming a polygon or a closed shape layer. Google Maps has the functionality to load and display polygons and line layers. I suggest you research creating shape layers in Google Maps. Yes, creating detailed customized borders can be a very tedious task. Once you create your shape layer its easy to load it on to google maps using my script.

We have a list of about 1300 locations (with URLs to interior pages for countries and or city/ST information). Do you support this scenario (can we build a clickable world map based on a file import)?

The landmarks/icons are read from an xml file. You can assign a url to each landmark for navigtion to intetrior pages.

I have a question. Is it possible to change the style of the google map in the background and also set a specific area that is shown. and then disable the zoom and navigate functions?

You can implement any functionality Google Maps allow you to by default. You can set initial position and zoom level. But I do not think you can disable panning.