Google Maps Video Search

Google Maps Video Search

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Google maps video search and display script.

Easily display videos recorded near your users location or any other location. Use the simple API to dynamically or statically filter the videos by keyword.

  • Client side only and no dependencies
  • Supports older browsers (like IE7)
  • Uses HTML5 features if available (like geolocation)
  • Simple API and simple integration
  • Dynamically searches Youtube API based on map location and radius
  • Videos are displayed in a “lightbox” popup on click
  • Optimized and commented Javascript with MVC and Pubsub patterns
  • Prepared for Localization and language change
  • Works with Google Maps API v3 and Youtube API v3
  • Works on mobile devices, automatically resizes youtube videos keeping aspect ration

Update – version 2.73

  • Updated youtube and google privacy policies
  • Support for native lazy loading

Update – version 2.71

  • Updated youtube API support

Update – version 2.70

  • Updated youtube API support
  • Support for marker clusterer (grouping multiple videos together in one icon)
  • Support for draggable video popup window

Update – version 2.50

  • Support for mobile devices, touch events and responsive web design
  • Removed author parameter no longer used by youtube API
  • Added channelID parameter to display videos only from a specific channel

Update – version 2.01

  • Minor update – support fullscreen

Update – version 2.0

  • Now works with the newer Google Maps API (v3) and Youtube API (v3)

Update – version 1.9

  • Fixes IE event handling logic

Update – version 1.8

  • Fixes bug with initialization parameters

Update – version 1.7

  • Fixes compatibility problem with MooTools

Update – version 1.6

  • Video Open Callback
  • Fix for Firefox Geolocation

Update – version 1.4

  • Bug fix for IE

Update – version 1.3

  • Ordered video search – show most popular videos in a specific area
  • Show only your videos, filter by youtube username
  • Possibility to define custom map markers