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Hello. I want to use this plugin to put +700 stores on a map. My main question is: can I upload a database of all the stores? Or do I have to put them in the system manually?

Hi there! You’ll want to go with the pro version, which has a bulk uploader for locations as well as being able to easily support 700+ locations. Check it out here:

You can see the demos there, and also see all features by clicking “All Features” in the top navigation. Hope this helps!

Looking for the perfect theme to work with our mapping plugins? Adrift is now live! It’s a powerful theme handcrafted to present your maps in style:

Is there any way to customize the map style/them? let say with Snazzymaps or any custom styles? You are showing non-standard customized maps on your pictures and demos! I just bought this plugin and can’t find any customization as for map style whatsoever!

Hello! Yes you can do this but only with the Pro version, which has Snazzy Maps built in. I have changed this setting in the demos. Please send me a private message and I will provide a fix for you. Thanks!

Does it support Font Awesome?

Hi there, yes it will support font awesome but you will have to make the necessary code changes to support the fonts you’d like to use.

hi, a few pre-sales questions here: 1. can I customize the “default view” text to be something like “select brand”? 2. is it fair to say you don’t support zipcode search in the “where” box? I tested searching a pub in 90312 and got no result (there is a listing there) 3. do you support each location/store having multiple categories? 4. can I restrict the results to just australia (to avoid ambiguous location searches like “richmond” defaulting to USA or england for example) 5. can I upload from csv or alike (got about 130 records)


Hi there! I’ll answer these in order:

1. Yes you can change this with a quick edit to the code. 2. Actually there is no location in that exact zipcode on our map, so you must increase the radius to 500 miles, which then shows the results. So, yes it does support zipcode search as expected. 3. Yes you can tag the locations with multiple tag filters, meaning they’ll show when each is selected. 4. No, this is only possible with Pro, which let’s you set the Search bias based on location. 5. Batch upload is also only supported by Pro. You can check that out here:

Hope this helps!

thanks for the responses. are you sure zipcode search works? watch this screencast demo as I find a location, copy the zip, then search for the zip, and get nothing is there something I’m missing in that? I really don’t want to fork out for the pro license to find you were thinking about one thing and I was thinking of another

Those zipcodes are not accurate in the pop-ups :) I just randomly placed them in there as I was adding locations, so they are just filler text. If you look up an actual zipcode, you’ll see that it works. For example, enter zipcode 45150 (which is near concinnati ohio) and select “within 25 miles) and you’ll see the pub placed in lower ohio appear in the results.

The website seems to be down. Just a heads up. I’m evaluating solutions, but can’t look at yours right now as a result.

No problem and thanks for the mention. We’ve fixed the issue and the site is now live again:

i just installed this plugin today but the zoom map doesn’t work.

Also I have installed a plugin called Locatoraid before, but when I deactivated it I got error messages: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘taxonomy’ in /... Warning: Illegal string offset ‘object_ids’ in /...

Could you please fix it?

Hi there! This is a conflict with WordPress 4.7. We have submitted an update to codecanyon and it should be live within 24 hours. You will receive notice once it’s live. Thanks!

Im getting the same error: I got error messages: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘taxonomy’ in /... Warning: Illegal string offset ‘object_ids’ in /... When are they releasing the new version?

Hi there, this has been resolved in the latest update. Please download from your downloads area and replace your current version with the new one. Thanks!

Dear author(s),

I am still getting the following error, see below. I updated the plugin to the latest in my account, version: 1.4.2.

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘taxonomy’ in /home/ on line 1874

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘object_ids’ in /home/ on line 1875

See page:

Hello! This has been resolved in the latest version, which you can download from your download area here on Codecanyon. If that doesn’t work, please send me a private message and I will sort it out for you. Thanks!

Hi, I loved this plugin and looking forward to buy. But I have a doubt can we have city or state filters just like Default View filter in exiting demo.

Waiting for your revert, as I am willing to buy it.

Hi there! You can have any filter you like :) Those are completely customized and set by you. So, you can have city/state filters. However do note that you must assign these tags to each location, they are not automatic. Hope this helps!

I did buy plugin and its giving javascript api not found error. So I raised ticket for the same and followed exact steps suggested to fetch api and use, still its not working. Please reply to the raised ticket. Need help URGENT!!!

Find raised ticket screenshot :

Kindly revert ASAP.

Hi there, we have replied with more suggestions. Thanks!

I have pre-sale question. Can I create an RSS feed with your plugin? I want to be able to list my stores with your plugin but also create an RSS feed to place into a MailChimp template.

I look forward to your response!

Hi there! No unfortunately that is not a supported feature. Sorry!

This plugin does not work!!! Either quit selling it or fix the issues!

Hello! It does work as you can see on the demo (which is using the same plugin that customers download). Feel free to let me know the specific issue and I’ll be happy to help!

Is there a way to make multiple choice of tags on the map? So you can show both cafes and restaurants?

Hi there! While you can’t have multiple filter-tags, you can create a unique tag that combines those locations. So the filter will be “Restaurants and Hotels” and it would include all of those locations. You can have this combined with the individual “Hotels” and “Restaurants” filters in the same dropdown/filter list. Hope that makes sense.

Hi, is it possible to make a separate ‘search box’ like the one in the header on this website:

I’d like to be able to do that and then show the results on a separate page.

Hello! Unfortunately you can only use one search box within the map only. Sorry about that!

We are moving our website from EE to Wordpress: I am attempting to recreate this:

Is it possible with this plugin

Hi there, thanks for getting in touch! You’ll be better off with our pro version:

It achieves most of what i see on the example you sent. However it does not have multiple filter selection as they do on the map you shared. You can have as many filters as you like, assigned to any locations as needed however.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us via our chat channel in the lower right of our site and I’ll be happy to answer them. Thanks!

Is it possible to add various different maps in an only web?

Hi there. I’m afraid i have no idea what you mean :) Can you clarify?

If it’s possible to have two different maps or just one?

This plugin allows for a single unique map, which can be placed as many times throughout the site. It’s great for businesses that need to place there map on a store locations page or something similar. For multiple unique maps 9each with their own locations/settings etc.) you’ll want to check out Mapifypro, which is the pro version of the plugin:

It includes all of the same features and many more. Hope this helps!

to download the lite version. The browser asks me to pay!

compI bought.

By registering on he charges me again

Hello, no you are not paying for the lite/free version. You are being charged $0 but need to sign up to receive updates and have access to your files, which is typical for downloaded software. It treats it like a normal checkout but again, you’re not charged.