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i still have problems with the plugin. I did what you told me and it doesn’t show the map when entering the address nor in the frontpage.

Please i need a solution

hi, you have several problems on your site. If you take a look in console logs you will see many of them and you should fix them all. But most important thing is to not include google maps more than once in your site. I assume that Google map included in “Contáctenos” page is making the problems, If you are using plugin for this try to disable it, and if not – then you have to disable calling google map from your code. Instead of that “regular” google map you should use sMap on that place.

hi! i fixed the problems, now i have the following error Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages

i read on forums that some editing in the code of the plugin have to be made. Can you tell me it has something to do with any lines that need to be modify? if so can you tell me which files and what i have to replace.


You still have issue: “You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.”. I think you should first solve this issue and than we can continue

is it possible to creat more than 1 map? Is it also possible to put the shortcode in an ITEM (not only in a post)?

Hi I buy it, but it don’t work’s well, the short code map only showes Frankfurt, lol

Hi Thanks for purchase, can you send me the link? And yes, it is possbile to create more than map on same page.

Hello, The latest update plugin can not be activated because of fatal error : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in …/wp-content/plugins/sMapCC/include/s-map-shortcode.php on line 5 I am using wp 4.4.2

hi, my server is running php version 5.5.30

it could be that your server have more than one instance of PHP, can you check PHP version from your wordpress instance? Here is info how you can do it: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-check-if-my-server-is-php5

Ups sorry.. I checked wrong server. Ok thanks. it works now after updating php version.

Hi, I just purchase the map plugin. map not working. Shows map but the map marker listing

can you send me the link?

Can you also explain how can I add and show more than one location on map? The explainer video is not clear. Also can you explain why the map shows but the image in the doesn’t show on map?

Thank you

Hi and thanks for purchase, well the idea of the map is to show one location and different kind of routes to it (car, public transport…) so you can only include one destination location in map. But you can create more than one maps on same page with different locations.

Hello igor

I have another question! Is it possible to choose the clipping of the map (so that the point of interess is for example at the top or the left or 10px from bottom etc.)?

Many thanks in advance for a fast reply!


Cause this error is a new one and the descibed problem is an old one I don’t think that it has something to do with the sensor???

ok I solved the issue with the sensor (it was in the sMap.php file), but the problem resist. Please have a look at jugendforensik.ch. The Problem occurs, when you resize the window til you see a little space between the 3 parts of the page and reload the page.

well, then it could be the problem “Google map in hidden div”. Google map will not be showed in hidden div, so you should re-initialize map when div is visible. This reinitialization is triggered on screen resize so that’s why your map become visible when you resize your screen. Try to add this code on event when map container becomes visible: http://pastebin.com/Pr30ZydX

Hi, I want to apply my custom map marker. I don’t want to use images. How can I do that?

sMapCC is using styled HTML elements as markers, so you just have to play around with CSS styles for the markers

hello, i bought right now and it dont works. This failure happens always doesnt matter what adress i tipping: Error, address can not be found – please check starting address - also i see no preview from the map in backend. Hope you can help.

can you create test WP account for me, i will check it and let you know what is going on!

send it to me via email

ok to what emailadress?

my email is in Help documentation. But there is one more thing that you can try on your own, looks like you are using another WP plugin for Google maps, try to disable that plugin(or all of them which are using Google maps, except sMapCC). If Google maps API is loaded more than once it can make some trouble.

Hello! Igor, can not find your component at the demo. Plz, check it.


the map is still not working i tried now realy all, with and without an google api. Also sMapCC is the only map whats running in the wordpress. Please check.

Thanks Julia

Hi, i will take a look but please go to your WP site and change the password IMMEDIATELY, it is not smart idea to post your login account on public post. When you change it, send it to me via envato messaging system: https://codecanyon.net/user/igor_s (in lower right area there is a message box).

hey brainaid, i have checked your theme and the problem was that you have been using Google Map (as a component of Fusion Builder)) on same page where sMapCC should be placed and then Google Maps API was loaded more then once which was the issue. I have created a Google Map API key for you as well, so can you please contact me (via envato messaging system) i would like to give more info about it.

And you can see your updated working page here (with all needed maps included): http://www.hairstyling-beni-leo.de/bl-filialen/

Please let me know if you need more help


I have bought your plugin and try to use it but it is not working properly.

When I’m in a page and try to create a map the preview does not show any map and the autocomplete on the destination does not work.

If I try to enter an address copied from google maps exactly it does not show any map on the preview and when embeded to the page it gives an error from a popup.

You say that no Google key is necessary but without it the address field is disabled. So I got a key.

Please let me know what to do.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Anna Koutli

key is now working, I can search for the address but I see no map. Please have a look.

did you set width and height for your map?

Ooops, right as always. Thank you very much for your time. It works Great!!!


you fixed www.hairstyling-beni-leo.de, can you please explain how you did it? Because when i try nothing happens. I can not add a new Adress, also when i copy your code completely the route signs from google are not shown and i get the massage ´No route possible! Try from different location!´. What do i forget? Whats the trick? Thank you Julia

Hi Julia, thanks for purchase. Did you create Google API key for google maps and did you add your site URL to it? Did you try not use other WP plugins, which could be using Google maps, on same page with sMap?

Hello, your plugin was working great up until 2 weeks ago when my hosting reported malware detection. I downloaded your plugin and reinstalled it to my server with no luck. Please check you source code for malware in your Malware found on javascript file: http://hamilton.gr/wp-content/plugins/sMapCC/js/igor_sMap.min.js?ver=4.7 .

And let me know when it is cleared. Thank you in advance.

Hi, The plugin does not install with wordpress 4.7.2. Is there a solution? Thank you

Hi didierleboutte and thanks for purchase. Here is the video how to install plugin on WP 4.7.2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7UuWqV7teo

THX ! It’s good!

Hi igor_s, I purchased this plugin but It doesn’t work correctly. I already entered the Google API key and configured it to work with this IP only, but it does not work for me as in your example.

This is the link where I am performing the tests ( ), and does not load the list of sites as in the example. Please help me.

Hi mahobox and thanks for purchase. Problem in your case is not with my plugin but with the fact that Google Maps API are loaded more than once in your page. Check this support page: https://www.coditty.com/code/codecanyon-smapcc-help and read on 1st item, there is a screenshot from your page with the console log where you can see Google warning. To fix this issue try to disable any plugin that could be loading Google Maps on same page where sMapCC is loaded


Woern Purchased

Hi, the plugin is working, but when i save the page, i’m getting an Error: s-map-meta-tags.php on line 675 Warning: Can you help me? And i can’t change the color of the map, it’s always red…


Hi Thank you for purchase <- Error: s-map-meta-tags.php -> what version of WP are you using?

<- can’t change the color of the map -> do you have more plugins in your WP which could use Google Maps ? If so, disable them and try again


Woern Purchased

WP Version is 4.7.5, the error comes everytime i save a page, it saves anyway… the error: Notice: Undefined index: igor_s_map_shortcode_nearby_places in xxx/wp-content/plugins/sMapCC/include/s-map-meta-tags.php on line 675 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at xxx/wp-content/plugins/sMapCC/include/s-map-meta-tags.php:675) in xxx/wp-admin/post.php on line 197 Thx for your help… i have no other plugins using google maps…


Woern Purchased

in s-map-meta-tags.php line 675: //$igor_s_map_posted_data_poi = $_POST[‘igor_s_map_shortcode_nearby_places’]; and the line 697: //update_post_meta($post_id, ‘igor_s_map_shortcode_nearby_places’, $igor_s_map_posted_data_poi); are the problem, i disabled both lines and now everthing is working fine… also the color changing…


I just bought the plugin and “Start address” field doesn’t work at all. I deleted all other map plugins, but still it doesn’t work. Please help asap. My site is “exal.gr” Autocomplete doesn’t appear at all

Hi thanks for purchase,

1 please be sure that you have entered the Google API key (WP->Dashboard->S-Map->Google API key

2 disable any other plugin that could use Google Maps, more info here: https://www.coditty.com/code/codecanyon-smapcc-help

I have already done all these but still have the same problem. Please help asap.

nope, you did not. This is the message from your console: “You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.” Double check again, there must be some plugin or something else which is loading the Google maps

Will you answer to my previous question? It’s been a month and the plugin doesn’t work properly. Any support????

installation and activation sMap done, but visual map doesn’t appear text editor :(

hi ryanwestjava , thanks for purchase. Did you add Google Map Key on sMap settings? Do you use another instance of Google maps somewhere in your site? You have my email in documentation, please send me some screenshots, and if your site is live send me the link with test account so i can take a look

how many roads can we add to the same map