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Presale Question: It seems that your script and the demo doesn’t work correctly anymore. Have you plans to fix this in the next days?

Hi, i need to fix the script every time google make a change, a new version is now available

this working ? in review say not working , i wanna buy

Hi, i need to fix the script every time google make a change, a new version is now available

Doesn’t work! Only pulls a name and rating. Too bad, this has real potential

Can you provide me some example query?

Wish this plugin scrape content automatically for given query and then publish that on directory site on request.

Example not working :(

A new version coming soon :D

very slow

Hi, the script check maps result and for each results check Google search with a delay for prevent a Google stop and also Can get website result. There is no way to make it fast, i’m Sorry.

Internal Server Error

Mon Oct 24 12:05:33.418338 2016 pid 32568 End of script output before headers: index.php, referer: http://............

Max execution time set to 180 seconds

Hello, Is there something wrong with your last version? I’m getting the results but also I’m getting an error Undefined variable google-scrapper\index.php on line 177 index.php. Thanks. Ed

Don’t worry it doesn’t compromise script works. I will check to hide this error

Ok, it is missing an email prefix filed too.


hprj Purchased

hey its not working ,i didn’t get a single result .fix it bruv i ll buy it. anyways good script concept .thanx

Try to search ‘store new York’ it get results from Google maps


hprj Purchased

hello,May i know the ETA of newer version? i ll buy it after update.thanx

Sorry, i have not this information, you can try the demo to see the changes

City target doesn’t work in your demo, it returns whole country random city. Is it working ?

Ok, know i undestend, this field is used only for reverse geocoding of the address to get the correct coordinate

So I can’t target a specific city ?

Not perfectly, you can only search for a city but not limit it

Does the demo have any limitations? I did a test search and found less than 7 results

Demo is limited to max 10 results, the number of results depens, you can perform the same query on google and see the result

Description not work more?

I have purchased this item and I am so unhappy. The support was good at the beginning but they stopped replying. I had issues in installing and configuring the app which was not 100% clear on what settings and variables needs to be switched on and off. Then running the script gives lots or errors and a whole error log file that is a mile long.

The script does not work for more than 2 pages deep and does not matter what city you put in it grabs information from allover the place and does not grab the emails nor the geo location

very disappointed.

It doesn’t work. I have send you support request twice and yet no reply from your side.

the only reason that’s been keeping me from purchasing this script is the demo site that doesn’t work for many weeks now

Good script and it seems to be working. Is there a way to upload a bunch of address and get the lat long for those ?

Is this working properly? Google maps is no more

script not working

demo not working

Hi does the script work? please respond. I really want to buy it. I need to extract: telephone, website, adress only.