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Nice idea, but my server ( 4vCPU, 4GB memory and 1GB PHP Memory limit) jumps to 500 internal server error when searching for items on Google maps. Had to delete the plugin from my server.

Hi, can you send my the log of the server? Normaly is a timeout error

Time out? My Virtual Memory Usage and Physical Memory Usage are through the roof and I can’t access my websites now for about 1 hour. Sorry, but that is a bit too much for me.

Can you try in a local server? For scrape result on maps the script need to emulate the human and must work slowly.

good work. very nice :)


Hi, just reply on private, you made a mistake on domani. P.s. remove or chance the password, all can see here

Do you have any additional instructions on how to use this as I can’t get it to work ?

I’m lost, I thought the plugin created a page or post for each of the businesses it scraped? Just so I get this, I have to go back in and populate each business with a shortcode? Can you tell me what shortcode I should use for each business? Thanks

It create a custom content type (like a post) The shortcode is in the admin panel

OK, I tried it with a different themes and it’s ‘sort of’ working. How do I get the shortcode to display just one category? [list_google_maps_scraping category=”dog-friendly”] Thanks

Hi, Great Plugin. Looks very promising !
However, kindly answer the following questions :

1. Multiple Image Scraping – Can the Plugin Scrape Multiple Images of a business listed on Google Places ? In the “Live Preview”, I saw that the Hotels had only one Image. What if the business has more than one image ? Will it scrape all of them ?

2. Custom Post Type Support – I’m considering buying a Premium Directory Theme from Themeforest. That theme, has its own CPT. Is it possible to save the Scraped Results in the CPT of the Theme ?

3. Map Custom Fields – Any option to Map the Scraped Results to the Custom Fields of the Theme ?

4. Export Scraped Data – Is there any way that the Scpraped data can be Exported in Excel or CSV Format ? That would really be awesome.

Kindly Revert,

Hi, at the moment the script does not support other content type (it creates one itself). Also get only the first image (for getting more than the first image is needed a custom configuration settings) Coordinate are saved on custom field

Hi need more instruction i can get thing to work … i have page can not be found


If you see the location under the “location” content type in wordpress they are imported correctly. Now check the category for the location content type and get the Name. In the settings page you can see all this instruction

It seems to be a long convoluted process and not as described in the sales copy …. more over cant get the thing to work ….seriously i just want a refund thanks

Awesome design!

Hello. How many business can it import? Is there a limit per scan? I will be performing the scan from localhost.

The limit is from google (i tried with 10 pages and works)

Hey there, is that scrap or crap? poor quality, poor documentation, heavy load on server, did pull few empty locations, refund me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its only import 4-5 listing in one time why?

I hit the button after filling in all the settings and nothing seems to be happening and nothing is appearing under locations. No indication that anything is happening at all. Please help!

Hi your product not working as you describe its only take 4-5 result in one time there is no details of document you provide its not working and not developed. please make refund my hard earn money.

Hi there – looks like a good script. Any way to add listings from frontend?

I can’t get anything to import. The documentation doesn’t show any examples of how the settings information should be submitted. Do you have anything that shows what to do step-by-step with screenshots so that I can make sure I’m not doing something wrong here?

Sorry but the Googlemap server rejected it + No documentation = Refund please

or make it work please. as you wish

I contacted you twice no support from you should I ask for a refund

Handyman with dk domains shows only italian sites too bad the idea is good hope improvement are made good luck

This would only be useful if you could map the scrape to a CPT. User will want to populate their existing themes/designs/sites that they’ve already built. Update me when you add this feature.