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Can you provide a practical demo or example? im pretty sure i need this but wouldn’t even know how to design the database, ilement, etc.

You can check the demo from:

You don’t need to design the database. In download archive i provide all the elements that you need to make it work , i will help you thru the setup process

Hello, Google Map add/delete Custom Marker seems to not working. Is it possible to disable this function in front-end version?

Thank you for your prompt reply.



Yes you can . Right After :

   html, body, #map-canvas {
    height: 500px;
     width: 100%;
       top: 0px;

You can add this line

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”//”>

And for using fonts or icons , you can simply add this line Ex :

i class=’fa fa-question-circle’>

Codecanyon doesn’t allow to write code here , but an example can be found here :

Great. Thank your for your assistance and good luck with the sales. Kind regards.


Thank you and good luck with developping your website.

can this work with mysql?

Yes, all information about a point are stored in mysql database, latitude, longitude , name etc. You select what you need to be filtered.

if data 30,000 rows from database. script likely slow on load ?

In this moment i added in database over 33000 registrations , just press Get directions in the demo , it loads fast.

I offer a database with ofer 50.000 gas station from entire world

Hi , i search gas station between jaipur to agra in demo but it now show any record on map

Maibe there is no gas station add on that route, i manualy added all gas statios

Hello, I bought your Google Maps Router Boxer can you describe step by step how to run. For than I can handle.

Can we do a multilingual.

You can translate it only if you modify the code, i didn’t made any translation

I solved your issue, i attached in email some print screens with working script.

I am trying to change the database select statement with a WHERE `field` LIKE ‘value’ and it breaks the program.

To be more specific, the form resets to the defaults in the form on submit and runs that. It won’t allow me to make adjustments to the query.

It seems that I was able to fix it by entering in my Google Maps api. Must have been hitting a limiter on their side.


Is not working. Made some correction?

Tnks Natã

Hello. Send me the link and i will fix it.

Hello, I solved the error. The path of RouteBoxer.js file did not exist, and some PHP functions did not work.

Thank you.

Hi, the demo doesn’t seem to work as RouterBoxer doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Any plan to fix this or the project will include a local working copy?

Hello, sorry for the error. One of the servers was down. I fixed it. The demo is fully working now.

Thank you. Bought the script :)

With welcome. if you have any other issues, please write and i will fix them

Hi , the demo does not seem to function as RouterBoxer not seem to be available anymore. Have any other address for testing ?

Hello. i didn’t receive any email. what is your email and i will write to you.

Hello . I sent the requested information by email.

Hello Friend! I could make it work. :)

Hi !

I am interested in buying your script, but I have the following question. I wonder if you can add a field to add stops (waypoints) along the route. You can add this functionality ? Thanks

Hello. Can you send me an email to with all the changes you need?

I have sent a list of changes to your email. Thanks !

You received my email ?

Hi, is it possible using your script to get a list of cities along the route and check that list against a database? I need basically to get all the cities along my route or within a radious along the route and filter some result from a mysql database to show only the one that are near the route.

You can add another fied in database called position, and when you select, order by position 1,2,3….

Mmm no I don’t think I explained myself properly. In my database I have a list of cities where same record show origin and destination lets say Rome -> Florence that means that there is a person wanting to go from rome to florence. In my route calculator I’m asking origin and destination and the input on it will be Rome -> Milano that means there is a driver driving from rome to Milano. I modified your script to see if in the database there are two cities that are in route, in this case Rome is in route and florence too. So that record should be selected. Now the issue is that if I put in the router Milano > Rome the system will select Rome -> Florence because he finds both cities in route but the reality is that Rome>Florence in in route but on the opposite direction. So I need a way to detect the in-route considering the travelling direction.

I understand now what you want to say. But if you type Rome -> Florence is only one direction The opposite direction is Florence – >Rome The script does not care aboat dirrection, it only shows point of interest around the track. You should decrease the AREA aound the route (Km) to 1m , and put this along the track on desired direction . I don’t have any other solution for you. The script in this moment as i said it doesn’t care about direction since it shows places around the track


enplin Purchased

goodmorning, nice to meet you. I’ve got a problem with Google Maps RouteBoxer that i purchased yesterday. I’m not able to activate, i’ve got the google key api but it’s all ‘WHITE”

Hi, I downloaded the files, uploaded them into a folder on my server. Created a mysql database called “click_map” and a user. Added the connection details into config.php. I also imported the sql file into the database and that created the table.

Then I added my API key for google maps into various locations in each file.

I haven’t been able to see anything visible in any of the files. I’ve tried to view each of them and can’t see anything.

Hope you can help.

Looks like I am having the same problem as enplin above.

Write to my email, and i will install for you.

Hi, bbnicu installed the theme on my server for me and got it all working. Thank you for helping me out!

- Jack

It does not work with PHP7