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Hello, Since my hosting provider has upgraded to Wordpress 4.0 every time I try to add or modify a map in the admin console the Wordpress WYSIWYG tool bar remains floating over the map.

Let me know if you would like to see a screen shot? Are there any known issues with you plugin and this version of Wordpress?


Hello mbugeja, yes, can you please attach a screenshot to see what exactly looks like? Thanks!

Hello! I’m using Divi template. Your plugin works with it? The website we are working is this one: http://pruebas365.es/AntonioBenchimol/

The template has a module for fullwidth Maps but it doesn’t allow any style changes as colours by default. We tried to look for help in the template provider support center but has been useless :-(

Thank you!

Hello nakutaso, first, sorry for the delay we’ve been out for holidays.

I’m not familiar with that theme but our plugin works with most of themes out there, maybe you’ll need a bit of code to make a map full width, but thats more a theme issue I think :) Can you contact the theme’s author?


Hi, I have purchased your google map plugin for wordpress, thank you for your great plugin. But I found an issue on my website that only 10 marks displayed on the Map. I have around 35 locations to mark on Map. Can you please help.

Hello mansoormohamed, sorry but it don’t seems you purchased it with this account as it shows you have registered on January 2015 and it doesn’t show the purchased badge. Please purchase the plugin to get support


With more than 10 marks with direction, this plugin will throw an error (OVER_QUERY_LIMIT) because is trying to get all geocodes too fast and google stop it with that error.

Hello extrememicro, that’s weird we have some customers with more than 50 markers in the same map, it is possible you can change the address with lat/lng? Thanks!

hi does the plugin support importing a custom KML file to show marker layered on top of a map?


Hello curzonpr, No sorry currently the plugin only support markers


Can a user in WPMU login and add the name, address and comments. Can it zoom into a street view to the persons location Can it get the IP address shown to the admin only for the user as I record the IP address for logins

Hello vikasgul, sorry I think what you’re asking is far away of what this plugin can do! Thanks!

Hi Can I create my own skin ? If not can I make the whole map one color ? Can I design my own markers ? Regards

And Is htere a limit on number of markers ?

Hello shakoush2001, If you want to create your own skin you’ll need to code it inside the plugin, but we have a “One color” skin that allows you to pick a color and all the map will be “tinted” with that.

We include some basic markers but you can upload your own image and use it as a marker :)

I don’t know exactly the number of markers google maps allow but you can use 10 – 20 in the same map without problem

Hope it helps!

Hi, when i navigate the site with mobile device, there is a function to prevent the map dragging with the user finger?

Thanks, best regards

Hello 045WEB, yes, there is but you would need to check with javascript when you are on a mobile device or not to enable or disable the dragging

Hope it helps!

Hi, but there is a funciton on your module to activate this or i need to modify the code? Thank you

Sorry I haven’t explained well, no there’s no built in option, in this case you would need to edit the plugins code!

Hope it helps!

it’s not working with WP 4.2.2 Since I have purchased this plugin I’ve been having a lot of problems with it. I want a refund.

Hello ExccellMS,

You can see that we haven’t set that the plugin is compatible with WP 4.2.2, but I just checked and the error it’s just a little css issue, please email me to hello@mageeklab.com and I’ll tell you how to fix it!


Does this plugin offer Map Clusters?

Hello bigbankclub

Currently this is not possible with our plugin. If we implement this, we let you know ;)

Does your Google Map plugin offer site visitors a search capability so they could locate pins within a certain (specified) radius of their own location?

Thanks, Mark

Does your Google Map plugin offer site visitors a search capability so they could locate pins within a certain (specified) radius of their own location?

Thanks, Mark

Hello Mark, Currently we don’t support user search, sorry about that!

Hi, for a complete mobile support i suggest to add an option to prevent the map dragging in mobile view.

I modified the file jquery.gmap.min.js with this line:

var map_options = { scrollwheel: opts.scrollwheel, disableDoubleClickZoom: !opts.doubleclickzoom, draggable: (Math.max(document.documentElement.clientWidth, window.innerWidth || 0) > 480 ? true : false) };

but this is only a file modification, this could be interesting if will be a selectable option from the admin.

Best regards.

Hello 045WEB, Thanks for the tip, looks good to us, we’ll try to add this on the next update


Hello, it is possible to paint some area of a map with this Google Maps Generator for WordPress ?

It’s possible to see some examples, the preview isn’t working now?

Thank you!

Hi pepfiction

I am afraid it is not possible with Google Maps Generator. Thanks for letting us the web is not working!

Hi, why in admin thereis this error: 500 Internal Server Error – /wp-content/plugins/mgl_gmaps/assets/gmaps-generator/generator.js?ver=1.0

Hello 034WEB, if you enter the full address the file is shown? or it gives you the 500 error?


Hi, i check inside the path and the folder and file doesn’t exist!! Infact the file is inside /gmaps-generator/generator.js and not under assets/ folder

If could help, my template is Bridge and visual composer plugin is used for the content manager.

Another dead plugin ?

Hello barreoblique, Sorry we’ve recently moved our demos to a new hosting and this has break, we’re trying to fix it


Hi, I am thinking on buying your plugin. I need to know if I can use links from page to pins on the map with or without zooming. And I need extra info displaying near the tips. Also do you have back way function from map tip to link?


Hi, I currently have v1.1.1 (which comes in a mgl-gmaps folder) installed. I was just about to update to v2.0 (which comes in a mgl_gmaps folder). I usually just overwrite the installed version with the new version through FTP.

In this case, since they are different folders, should I just upload the new version, deactivate the old, activate the new and will this keep my current maps working and editable through the new v2.0 version?

If not, what’s the process to upgrade from v1.1.1 to v2.0? I didn’t find anything about this in the v2.0 documentation.


Hi This plugin looks promising, but i wonder: Can it add new markers automatically from new locations (in new posts) inserted in a “Advanced custom fields” field? As you see I look for a solution that can update a map for me, containing the location of each new post. That way our visitors could access any post via an overview map. Works? (Or do you know some other plugin that could do the job?) Thanks, Kjetil