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A clean job!!

luv all your plugins …. The TF template is nice :)) This only makes a good product GREAT :)

more coming???

Thanks There are a lot more addons to come :).

Can we add this to another mobile website other than Mobile Site Pro?


This addon is specially created for Mobile Pro and cannot be used without it.

When the page loads with the map on it, the marker is hidden in the upper left. Is there any way to ensure that its centered when the page loads?

By default the marker is normally centered in the map so it’s strange that this is not the case on your phone. What device are you using?

will this still work with Mobile Site not the pro version the php version ?

This is only for Mobile Site Pro. Mobile Site has no plugin feature.

I currently have a map, done it in google maps, just need it to display correctly on all mobile devices,

Hey Sitebase,

Got another question for you. The map works great but I am wondering how I can add multiple instances. My client has 6 locations so i would like to add a map for each. I tried all on one page but only the first map loaded and then I made a separate page for each and still no go. I know why but but just looking for an easy solution within your framework.

Also i think it would be a good idea to add a custom icon image field to your array as many people including myself use this.



Can you create a support ticket for this on Thanks.

Actually it is working on separate pages. I can make that work.

For some odd reason the maps are showing up no centered though. I know this is mostly on Google’s end but I have to scroll around the map to find the icon. Very odd as I use the API all the time.

Can you email me @ so I can send you a link to test?

Edit: After looking I think it has something to with a caching problem as no matter how many times i refresh the map loads to the same location. This is on an android phone. I tested it on ipod touch and works fine the first time i load the first map. Then once I load the second map its off center and when I go back to the first map it is also off center now.

Can you create a support ticket for this on Thanks.


I wonder when are you releasing an update for V3 API ?


Any answers to my previous question?

can the map option be added to items on other categories, so that a link on any item on that category would bring up a map of that location?

Is there anymore support from SiteBase?

Used to get real good support. No one appears to have heard anything in about 4 Months.

Even posted to forum and have heard nothing.

If there is no more support?

Please let us know.

Just purchased to find that it is not compatible with v3 API when do you plan on updating it?

This Author is no longer around.

< Hi, all.. is this add-on still relevant / compatible with current mobile technologies ?

Anyone ?