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Is there a way I can add a map directly into the php instead of using a shortcode?

I have dowload your plugin and set up it to my Webside When i open the Webside i dont have any Map on my side


what is wrong???

Hello! Absolutely love this WP plugin! However, I have a pre-sale questions that stop me from buying it. I have a responsive directory/review site. Are there any means I can make this map responsive too (resizing according to window area)?

Hi, Have purchased the Plugin and am trying to use it in conjunction with the Awake theme. However the Awake theme already uses the Map shortcode to generate a google map with one marker. Is there anyway i can set your plugin to use a different shortcode.


Is there any support for KML?

Hi there, I don’t seem to have a zoom tool on the map. Also something strange at the bottom of the bubble when I click on the Pin.

Please help.

I just purchased your maps plugin, but it is only letting me add 7. Once I add more, it just doesn’t show the rest. Any thoughts?

How can I add pins? I can watch the map, but no the pin on it.

Hello. Great plugin. I’m hoping it will work for what I’m trying to do.

I want to create a Google Map that shows markers of active users of a WordPress/BuddyPress site. I would like to be able to click on a marker and either have a tooltip with the user’s info or some text and a link that would take them to that marker “owner’s” wp profile.

The map would need to use zip codes to define marker placement, which it would retrieve from wp user profile custom meta data fields.

Can this be done? Thanks in advance.

Hi! for some reason i don’t know, i can’t see more than 10 markers on my website. Is there any limit or do i have to change the settings?

thanks a lot!

Hi, when i click on a pin… I can see the bubble. Can i put a pic in that bubble?? Thanks

Any chance you can fix all the 404 errors so I can see the “Old Map” style in action. Thanks.

Hello – I purchased this plug in today, but have not been able to center my marker (I only need one marker on the map & need it to be in the middle of the map). Surely this is possible; do you have any suggestions for how I can do this? Thanks so much!

Hi Paul,

Is there a way to show the zoom buttons on the map?

Thank you,


would i be able to create a radius marker with this plugin?......... I’m creating a site that does home deliveries and i need a map to highlight a specify radius area to show delivery coverage area.

How can I disable the zoom-in on the mouse wheel scroll?

Your demo doesn’t work anymore.

does this work? still??