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hi, possible for wikimapia map? tq

This api is not supported at the moment. May be in futures releases

I discovered that each time I click submit to save map on edit page, the ID column will all get new numbers.

How can this be resolved.

I created maps with total markers numbering about 1700. Then created other relational tables to work with the map functions. After linking all the map table with my application function all were working well.

As I made a change to one map object and update, the ID column of the map_objects were all rewritten.

This has given me a very big tough time that after creating the simulation application with support from your app, and then make a change to only one marker, all the simulation works created with this mapping tool as support get dismantled because I was making use of the map_objects ID column in my relational query

Please help and am already in a mess recreating what I did over the past one week. whereas I have less than 18 hours to presentation of the work

Hey nlybe. Love you script. I have added the option to upload a photo to show with the marker. However i cabt seem to locate where you add your new variables coming the database to be use in javascript? can you help? I just want to pull out the photo row. Cheers. morten

Hello I am not sure if I understood your question. In model/map.php you can set any new variable. For using in javascript, search for the js funcation called “loadMarker” in views/map_view.php and in js/drawonmaps.js Nikos

cheers. exactly what i needed. Nice – easy and clean. adding the variable to the public function did the trick. thanks again.

how can i add marker search ?

Unfortunately this function is not contained in this script.

What you can do is one of the following: 1. add a combobox like in which will contain the list of markers 2. iplement something like this….

In both cases, selecting a marker, put this marker in the center of map and display its info window

how can i add marker search ?


I already purchase the script and works correltly but there is a bug!

There is a bug in this script!. Each time I click submit to save a map on edit page, the ID column of the map object will all get new numbers, which this is not correct because need only to be update it.

In not possible to link a map-object with the ID as the Id everytime change when you update any information of the map, because you always delete all maps object and insert again which is not correct!!!

How can this be resolved?

Thanks in advance.



Hello I cannot say that this is a bug but of course I see that it could be a problem for some applications. This can be resolved on save map function. It requires a check on existing map object. I am going to resolve this in next release anyway Nikos

hi, i have an issue with your purchase and i also see it in the demo? you can not move or drag the map around ?

you cant add no Markers Line Polygon Rectangle Circle???????

i have your module on 2 separate hostings and website which i own? don’t understand that how can this not work? i wounder if your module is linked some where ?

Good afternoon . I am not able to add this function to map var trafficLayer = new google.maps.TrafficLayer(); trafficLayer.setMap(map);. I would like help me please

Hello In this script it’s used the script. So try to use the follow lines

map.addLayer('traffic', {
  clickable: false

Good afternoon when I edit a polygon, the id is exchanged for a new one. how can I corriguir it?

Hello You can fix this on save_map() at includes/functions.php. It’s on my plan to fix anyway in next release

Hi nlybe, I have a new site ( I added Google Maps and Fusion Tables. I want to change it: 1 – from a simple table to PHP and MySql, and; 2 – add marker labels to the polygons (in this case, the zip codes from the zip code column in the table would display in each polygon.) 3 – html link of each polygon to another page I would create for that zip code information.

Would your script do this?


Hi danoshea60 You have specific requirements. My script is for general use so it doesn’t do what you want. May be if you make some customizations it should cover your needs. Nikos

Hello, nlybe -

I am interested in your tool but also a bit confused. I want to be able to add information to a map and then embed the map in a website. I do not want other users to change the map – just look at the map I have created.

How would I do this?


Hi Perchpole Sure you can embed the map in a website. For each map created, there is a link like this…, which can be used in iframe in other website.

About 2nd question, next release offer the option for only authorized users, after login, to be able to create/edit maps. Even the final release is not finished, it’s stable so I could receive ant use it Nikos

how to change line color? i want different color for each street type

Hi. Change of color for maps or map objects (lines, polylines etc) is not support by this module yet.

Would love to use it but when I import the sql-file, I get an error (#1062 – Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key ‘PRIMARY’). Can you help me?

Hi. Send me your email address in order to send you a valid sql file

Hi after define two points (origin and destination) not draw a route between two points thanks

Hello It looks like you don’t have put a valid Google API Key as in browser console get this message:

Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys

You have to get a key from Google and assign it in variable $GOOGLE_API_KEY of file includes/config.php,


I’d love to use this, but my app is in something other than php. I can handle form saving and all just fine, so I’m interested in the javascript front end stuff.

But my main thing is I’d like to have a list of markers that users cannot edit or move, but let them edit polygons and circles, etc. Is this possible to lock markers down?

Yes it’s possible with small modification in JS file

Hello, How to change the marker .png files ? Where is script located?

Hello You can change markers by just adding/removing png files in folder graphics/markers. If you need to make changes on code, markers are loaded at views/html_draw_cpanel.php

I am sorry, i have add png image and forget to clear the cache. It works now thanks

hello, it is possible to snap the marker and polyline together and have the line database to have both end points/markers name when saving to mysql.

This is not offered on this script. But of course it’s possible make it with some modifications

Hi, You said in the past comment that you plan to update the scripts to keep the ID and not generate a new one each time a save is made. Did you made the update ?


Hello. Yes, this issue has been fixed in latest release

hello ,, i upload the script , and make new database and connection , when run , i get this error :

PHP Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home3/mfisofts/public_html/map/includes/functions.php on line 330

i have PHP 5.4.43 MySQL 5.6.32

can you help


Hello I would recommend you to use PHP 5.6 or a later version

I just purchased this script, but can’t find the sql file noted in the install instructions. Without the sql file, there’s no database. Where can I download the sql file?

There is an .sql file in root directory with name drawonmaps.sql.


Can your scripts allow the user to add the marker?


Yes, registered users can create maps and add markers