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Nice work GLWS :)

Awesome work. Really simple and clean VC interface.

A couple of questions, When you hover over one marker, then move to another marker, the Titles do not always show up? Also, is there any way to restrict the width of the Description box? Thanks. Really like this plugin so far compared to others available!!!!!

It seems that safari simply doesn’t support this feature.


Thanks for the reply. I completely understand.

Thanks for the suggestion.
It does not use the native function of Google Maps.
I will analyze better and rebuild something like that.

Hi, just seen the latest update and applied it already. It does not appear to do anything? I have set one market content width to 400px, and tried another at simply 10 (no px). Nothing changes??? (website:

Please check again.

Awesome. Submitted

Adding a search could be useful for people as long as it can be turned off, like you have done for all the other map features in the map settings. Also, it might be nice to include a wysiwyg editor for the content box so that people can include a Title, linkm etc. This may then solve the content box width as the text wouldn’t need to span across one full line as it would probably pick up the wysiwyg <br /> and <p></p> tags…

Hello, I’m interested in buying your plugin, but I need you to confirm me if you have these features:

1.- markers classified by categories

2.- you can add bookmarks from a post (with custom fields) and clicking on the bookmark you access the post

3.- compatible with WPML

4.- In the map a list of categories appears and clicking on the categories the corresponding markers appear on the map.

Thank you!

Sorry for the delay, but the site did not alert me to your comment (I’ll report this error).

Thanks for the interest.

  • For each marker you have to choose the image.
  • I do not know if I understood the question very well, but I do not think there is such a choice.
  • Yes.
  • No

can i add multiple location in same map?

Hello, Yes, and each point can have a different description or icon.


I just emailed you directly from your profile page regarding a conflict that we discovered between your plugin and Slider Revolution plugin that you may want to look into.


Hi, Please create a ticket on support page and share your site url + login to be able to analyze this issue better.


I have installed it but it doesn’t appear anywhere. Please advise.

By tone I meant don’t start deferring straight away to the theme because I can’t just go and buy another one.

If the error is generated by a theme file I do not see why I can not mention it?

I made a small fix in my plugin to work with this theme, however you have to get in touch with the theme author and warn that he is modifying the filters> VC_SHORTCODE_CUSTOM_CSS_FILTER_TAG

This is an native Composer function and is not correct to change it.

As you see I try to help even when the error is not caused by me. All I want is that whoever buys my products can use them without problems.

Ty :)


Can you use HTML in the description box?

Do you have plans for marker clustering?

Yes you can add html.
About clustering, I’ll add it to the updates list.

Thx. So far so good :)

HI, is there a changelog?

Hello, Inside the plugin folder there is a changelog.txt, and I added that info to the bottom of the item description.


Hello!!! I would like to know if it possible to HIDE other POIs on the google map. I DO NOT want other local businesses showing on my map. Is this possible with your plugin?

Hello, the plugin does not have this option.

Hi there, are you guys still supporting this plugin? Looks good but I’ve noticed that it hasn’t been updated since July 2017 and the change log says 2016?

Hello, Yes, we are. The plugin has not had more updates because it works correctly so there is no reason to do so.

Thanks for the interest.

Thanks very much for the reply. Thought it best to be safe rather than sorry.

Many thanks :D

Hi, Is there a way to have the marker info window open when the map first loads?

Hi, It is version 1.3. The error does not appear on the front-end, and I cannot give back-end access at this time. See the link in my post above for details I gave to Slider Revolution. When you go to save a slider’s global settings you get: Uncaught TypeError: Option is not a constructor at String.<anonymous> (rev_admin.js?ver= When I de-activate your maps add-on I am able to save the settings.

Is the version of the revolution the most current?

Hi, Yes it was the most recent I think. Version 5.4.8

Hello! I’ve just purchased your plugin. Looks great on a desktop, but doesn’t seem at all responsive. Looks terrible on a smartphone – any ideas for how to improve that? Melanie

Good Morning. Sorry for the delay.

The problem is not the shortcode, but the options in the row.

Your row has a very large margin and because of that the visible area of the map is small.

You have to contact the theme author and ask how to remove those borders in mobile.

Or put no margin on all devices.


OK, thanks