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Hi! Is it possible – with your plugin – to add a single map for a single product, in the description field?

Many thanks in advance!


Yes, is possible. It indicating, for example, the target ”#Product #short_description_block” , this include the map in the short description on the product detail page.

If there is an ID as target, the map can be included in this ID. But it is always the same map. This plugin (yet) offers Multimaps.

I hope I helped

Ok, you made a clear explanation, thanks! In fact, I would need a plugin that shows different places/maps for different products, I hope you’ll support this feature in the future!

OK. I will have it in mind for future releases.Thank you for your interest.

Will this product allow me to locate (1) Google Map embedded on the footer hook?

Yes, of course. Allows locate the map at footer hook or any element with ID. The plugin allows three types of anchor: hooks, ID target and shortcode.

Next question; is it easy for someone with NO programming experience?

Yes, you do not need to know programming for two of the three types of anchorage. Anchor Method: You select the hook from a list. Shortcode Method: Paste code, or rather, the word “[googlemapstyled]” on CMS page you want to display the map. The Target ID method requires knowledge of HTML. You must know the ID of the element that you want to place the map.

I am having a problem I can not find your module within the product or sample with id or nothing it does is it puts me in mobile mode page and makes me all wrong charge

Can you give me a url to see what happens? I see that you are from Colombia… We can speak in Spanish and understand us better. Write to me from this form and we will be able to communicate by email. http://codecanyon.net/user/_singulae#from

Try to delete the file class_index.php in prestashop> cache. Do not worry, prestashop will rebuild the file automatically.

Hi there, the live demo on contact page and cms page are not loading, would like to know what they look like before buying -http://codecanyon.net/item/google-map-styled-for-prestashop/full_screen_preview/10362391

Hi, a temporary server failure has probably occurred. I checked and everything works properly.


Its possible working with presta 1.6 cloud? Its compatible with marketplace? Means each vendor/seller page have their different location/city/country?

Anything please advise Regards Yusof

hi, this module works “globally”. Has not been developed (has not been tested) to differentiate between different users of a marketplace. sorry :(


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How can I add map on contact form? I´m trayin with target #contact-form and a id, but I can´t see map.


Hello, Thanks for purchase the plugin. Can you send me an email with the URL of the page? So I can take a look. You can contact from the tab “Support”: https://codecanyon.net/item/google-map-styled-for-prestashop/10362391/support

Good. GLWS :)

hello. Is it possible to change the image of the marker by the company logo for example? thanks

No. I’m sorry. There are two options for the appearance of the marker: the default marker Google Maps or another “special” marker of the module (to which you can change the colors)