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I am interested in buying your app. Is it possible to connect this to a MySQL Database with a users table, and using the addresses of the users to populate the map?

Hi, thank you for your question. My answer yes, but you need to do some actions before. 1. You should convert addresses to coordinates (it’s possible to do automatically). 2. Save your data to csv file and use “Import” functionality.

Thanks for the fast answer! Is it also possible to add new entries automatically? Because the list in de database will increase over time and we want those entries in de database to add automatically to the map.

You can do it manually as many times as necessary. I think you need to do some coding for full automation of this process. I can do it for you if you need, please write me on email mail@noxls.net

Hello again,

1. It is possible to add a layer? 2. It is possible to add a kml/kmz file?


Hi, could you explain what layer you need and what does “kml/kmz file” mean?

thanks .. it was answer on the email.

Hello to me you need to create a map of a city area with only one filter that the same marker identifies the most points and therefore has the function as your Zoom demo displays only icon markers with numbers and as you zoom in you display the marker as now, I owe it to enter into a website you can get an iframe inclusion? Thank you

Hi. I didn’t get first part of your question. Please describe more detailed. The script support iframe. You can copy the code from “Settings” page and insert into your website.

Hello again,

May i know if same lat/long for 5 different markers, how will it show the 5 markers? or it will overlap which comes last/first?


hi, yes, in case the checkbox “Uncluster same markers” is unchecked

on your demo, unable to unchecked the “Uncluster same markers”.

this is demo

Hi show my current location??

hi, don’t understand your question

I prefer version 2.0 for a multitude of reasons so how can I update it for the Google Map API key requirement?

I can do this for you. Please write me on email. mail@noxls.net

Can use this app as a Traffic App Solution/Platform that road users can use to help each other beat traffic by informing them about the traffic conditions, thereby providing others with information with which they can use to make smarter decisions about routes to take.

hi, thank you for your question I think no, current app about static data, not dynamic, also google maps can show traffic as is out of the box without development


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is it possible to only show results within a polygon

Hello, thank you for your question. This functionality is not implemented. In case you need it, please email me mail@noxls.net