Discussion on Google Maps Multi-Purpose server side Markers clustering script v3.1

Discussion on Google Maps Multi-Purpose server side Markers clustering script v3.1

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Can I use my own map?

what do you mean? could you explain?

login not working, config.php its ok, but cannot login, how cani troubleshoot?

hi, have you read the documentation?

The script does not work for mobiles the menu does not open the button to access the menu does not work

which may be the reason that a web message appears when the page first loads: “An error has occured” after refreshing it is OK

I mean DB structure. Also, please check you php version, should be 7 and higher. Also, you can send me the link on your application, please use email

PHP versions I had 5.6, I changed to 7.0 unfortunately with no effect. BD structure attached

Excellent technical support. Thank you very much!

Hello, i have question before purchase. 1. Can i change map markers to looks different like in example? 2. Can i change map style to look better not this gray verion? 3. Can be map display in other language (names of countries and cities not in english? Regards

hi, the answer – yes for all three your questions

ok, and tell me is there a option to set the time of displaying a given place / point on the map, and if is close to end displaying date then sending email to admin

can i use it to put markers on the map in taxi application source code?

you need to do some script modification, coz script doesn’t support real time update for markers

I bought that script from webi1978 account. I have issues with mobile and iframe display. When are you planning to fix that?

need few days more

Any updates? Already 8 days

Hi guys this is quite an interesting script, i have plans on purchasing it but just need to know if this script be used for the purpose of creating a Alternative to Google Maps, or Bing Maps?

okay just emailed you

Hello can you please answer you emails, thanks

Hello can you please answer my emails

I cannot add an image by reviewing in the description!؟

do you have server log? check the directory permissions

Hi. The download link is pointing to version 2.1. Where are the update file for v3?

hi this is 3.1 version questins about naming is for envanto


I’m not able to find an option to find my location on map. Is it there?

Can I use this app as an integral part of PHP laravel based system

I’m looking to make something where I will be able to show offline store locations on map and when clicked on that location, show offers in offcanas from that store.

Appreciate your quick response.

1. settings page has checkbox 2. you can integrate map as iframe

For point 1, is there option in map where user can go back to his own location. i.e.

can i show text beside Icon for pins on google maps ?? tks ?? i want to show eeal estate property details

also in mobile chrome, The Filter button does not show ??

do you have feature: Indentify location on GPS mobile ?? i mean when on mobile google map will auto detect location gps of mobile

1. you can do all what you want in case you can, currently script does not support text manipulation 2. probably need to fix mobile version 3. autodetect location based on browser functionality

Just installed this script, things work fine except when I try and view it on an iPhone using Safari. First I got a JS error saying “an error has occured”...then I cleared the cache which made the error go away but the map area is just white. What am I missing? Thanks!

hi did you install script as described in manual?

Love the new update :) Have you considered making a version with leaflet as Google soon will require you to put down a credit card to use their service?

cool thanks :)

Thank you. Just bought it!

hello great code – works great

1. can i upload multiple locations at once?

2. what information do I put in what columns?

3. do you have an example of a list in excel i can see?

thank you

hi, 1. yes you can, by import from xls file 2. on the second step after file uploading you need to assign column to field

please try to do it by yourself, in case you will have problem, please contact me I’ll help you


tfe Purchased

1. Very complicated installation. I would preffer 1click + chmods installation of a demo version with sample data. I spent already more than 1 hour and script is still not working.

2. Install instructions don’t work. When I click on “How to install”, nothing happends. The same on author’s website: So, I have to read the source code of the documentation to see how to install the script.

3. First of all the script was not working because installed the script in “c” folder but documentation doesn’t say that APP_DIR must be defined as “c/” and not “c”.

4.When I try to add a marker, I get error: “Something went wrong”. As I see other customers have the same problem and there is no answer how to fix it.


tfe Purchased

Igor, thank you for your reply. No, I didn’t ask for support. It’s just a suggestion – to make the installation more easy. I will use your map with my own scripts to detect user’s latitude, longitude and save these data to the DB. I still don’t know why “something went wrong” error appears but I created my own script to insert data and now the map works fine. Thank you for your script, it’s great!


tfe Purchased

P.S. I suggest to create an index on columns “lat,lng,marker_type” because one of the queries contains “where lat=... and lng=... and marker_type=... but there is no index at all.

thank you for your sugesstion

hello – great code -

What excel formate do I use for bulk upload? How should I list list the address and names in the file I upload?

thank you

hi, I have limited access to the Internet (till feb 15) and can’t check the source, but script support popular xls formats. on the export page you can assign each field in db to xls column.

When adding a new “marker type”, it does not require an icon, it is impossible to find the markers related to that type of marker on the map. The popup is not closed either and the page is not updated, it must be done manually so that the new “marker type” appears.

When editing a bookmark the number that is being edited in the title of the popup does not appear.

When you edit a type of marker and press “save” a pop-up message appears notifying that the correctization has been correct, this is not the case when a new type of marker is added.

PHP 5.6.31 MySQL 5.7 Chrome Version 63.0.3239.132

I reproduced this steps, but as I said before, I’ll do icon field required. Also, please answer my question, why you didn’t choose an icon for upload?

I do it intentionally, some person who does not know without intention can make a mistake by not entering the icon. It can be a worker of mine or someone who acquires your system. By pressing the add button without an icon, I placed myself in the supposed errors that may occur in a worker of mine or someone who acquires your system. If I managed to find that error, I could not find it without knowing any programming.

So, we found, script doesn’t has critical bags and problems, probably, you can change the rating (now it seems to me not objective)

Hello good day, I want to buy the script, but I have some doubts, can you clarify them to make the purchase?

1.- The filter on the left side does not seem to work, for example, when selecting coffees, I only want it to show the coffees, it does not happen, and even some points change from an icon to that of the coffees.

2.- Can I add more information to the points ?, For example, add phone number ?, I would like to add them as field, not as in the description text. Is it enough to modify the database and add the text field in the php?

3.- Can a login be displayed first, before the map is displayed?

4.- Can I assign a user who only has the map view so that he can not add points?

Thank you very much, I will be attentive to your answer.

Hi Thank you for your questions. 1. -wrong – I have checked, script works fine 2.3.4 – sure you can in case you know php, js and mysql.

Also you can contact me I’ll do it for money


Hi… which kind of clustering are you using… distance based or geohash clustering? many thx – martin

hi, distance based


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