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hi looking for map of Thailand

once loaded upom its directing me to your free html5 option which requires another payment if this is correct would like a refund please

Hi, we don’t have any free html5 option and there is no any additional payment. At the moment some buyers complain that the cell “generate location” does not recognize any city, address. So, we are working on update. It will be issued in coming 1-2 days. Regards

Hello again,

I wonder if there is any new with regards to our last conversation and your last post/comment “We checked, Sorry, it seems it’s a Google Maps JavaScript API changes issue. We will work over it, and as soon as fixed, we will issue an update in a few days”

This comment was posted 6 days ago and I would like to know if the issue has been solved.


Hi, we are working on update. It will be issued in coming 1-2 days. Regards

Is the Problem with the Google Maps JavaScript API changes issue fixed?

Hi, we are working on update. It will be issued in coming 1-2 days. Regards

Need the Update !!!!!

Hi. The plugin is updated. Please check with the new version. Regards

Hi, I bought your plug in google interactive maps for wordpress and I love it!

Just a couple of questions though. My tooltips in the map look different in the live wordpress page, than it looks in the plugin preview. So, how can I change de size and style of the tooltip hover view?

Also, is there a way to use a combination map of makers and regions together? if not, no big deal.

But I really want to be able to customize the look of the tool tip.

Thanks in advance.

Has anyone been successful in getting “support”? I posted a quiestion like 3 days ago and still nothing. smh.

How can I apply custom CSS to the title in the tooltip? please help!!!!

Also, the tooltip looks fine in firefox but not in chrome? is this some kind of bug? How can I make sure the tooltip works fine in Chrome and Firefox?

I hope someone is listening!!

Hi, sorry for late answer.

Regarding applying CSS to the tooltip title – you can check the following demos for advanced technique:

http://www.edarco.net/google-interactive-maps/interactive-map-of-africa/ and http://www.edarco.net/google-interactive-maps/interactive-canada-map/ .

Regarding to the issue with chrome – we have issued an update, as soon as Envato accepts it (hope in next few hours)- you can download it and recheck. The version is 1.5.

Best regards

Hello, Ten (10) days ago I posted a comment asking for the new update that solves the problems with API app. Your answer was: “Hi, we are working on update. It will be issued in coming 1-2 days. Regards”. Any news?

The after-sales service is really inefficient.

Hi, sorry for such delay. We were working on the update. It’s almost 24 hours is uploaded to Envato – waiting for their approval. As soon as it’s approved you will get a notification.

Regards Edarco

Thanks for the information.


Hi. The plugin is updated. Please check with the new version. Regards

Hi. i updated the plugin, but nothing changed on the problem since 20 days with the button generate location. nothing displaying there.

One new Problem. When i saved one map, i couldnt change the settings for it anymore. Nothing displayed there when i push the button.

Hi, please give us access to your admin panel, we will check the issue. You can send details to support@edarco.net . Regards

Hi, do u found the Problem?


My active region is not showing below the map on mobile devices. How can I address this issue?


I have installed the map on my websiote: http://webplustest.com/canada/

Is it possible to add 2 or more place in Quebec ?

Actually I configure 2 place in the scrip, but I see only one ( the last entered)

Hello. Thank you. We will check the issue and get back very soon. Regards

Hi. The plugin is based on Google Geochart API, and unfortunately it doesn’t support multiple places for Regions Display Mode. That’s why it displays only the last place. For your task we can reccomend you using Coordinates or Markers Display Mode, like in the following examples http://www.edarco.net/google-interactive-maps/map-of-sweden-for-wordpress/ or http://www.edarco.net/google-interactive-maps/interactive-map-of-spain/ . Looking to hear from you.

Regards Edarco

Hi, I have bought the Google Interactive Maps and I want to modify the css of the tooltip. Can you indicate how to do it? Thanks

Hi, Sorry for late reply.

Pleasse look at http://www.edarco.net/google-interactive-maps/interactive-canada-map/ and http://www.edarco.net/google-interactive-maps/interactive-map-of-africa/ .

For example

The plugin generates each map in div block with id = gm{maps current id}_visb (for ex. gm1_visb, gm99_visb etc).

Suppose current map’s id = 18.

#gm18_visb .google-visualization-tooltip {} #gm18_visb ul.google-visualization-tooltip-item-list { } #gm18_visb .google-visualization-tooltip-item { } #gm18_visb .google-visualization-tooltip-item span {} #gm18_visb .google-visualization-tooltip-item:nth-child(2) {}


We want to divide a row into two columns, left side 50% and right side 50%. I want to display your multi location pointing map on left side of a row at 50% region, where if user keep mouse hover on any location at left side, on right side at other 50% region i want it to display relevant location details like Branch Name, Address, Contact Details, Projects done, Team Lead, etc… . This should come on the right side of the page but not like a small popup, kindly advise how to achieve this ?

Hi, tooltips are generated by Google Geochart API which unfortunately doesn’t allow to display them on hover at a custom position. Regards

Hello, I have a presale question.

For a website I’m building I use Toolset plugin. This will help me to have a platform to make add records on it. For every record there is a zone field that is the country field. I would like to show for every country on your map the records added in Toolset. Is it possible to obtain this behavior via your plugin?