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Hi..You script need update..Seems google api changed and script stopped working

I can’t get this script working.

I uploaded the class and am calling it correctly as well as added in your demo code

<?php /* EXAMPLE */ include_once ”./gimuapi.class.php”; $g = new Gimuapi();

$elements = array(“chocolate”); $modes = array(“show” => 1, “save” => 0, “thumbs” => 0); $config = array(‘imagesLimit’ => 1); $output = $g->search($elements,$modes,$config); ?>

and nothing is happening. ?

The script is not working anymore.

Hey Your API is Not Working.It Needs to update.

It seems developer don’t answer any more..

does this still work?


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link demo is down :)


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Hello, The google Image API is not working. Take a look

Hello, I am interested in this great script. Before I purchase, I would like to understand below few things: 1) Is this script working now? 2) Is this script or can I create a gallery based website in which each images loads in a separate page with proper on-page SEO? 3) Can I have a look at the demo?

Thanks, Vijay

not working :p

demo is not working

Hi all. I read all your comments and I am aware that someone is unable to use the script. So, I am currently working on a new version.

Actually, I made local tests and I’m able to fetch images from google again. What I have to do now is to join what I have done with the Gimu API.

Please stay tuned, It’s just a matter of time I will update this article with a new version.

Have a Nice Day!