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Hiya, are recurring events supported yet?


Sorry they are not supported.

Best regards, Rik

Can I feed it xml data feeds from ArtisData.com? The URL looks like this: http://feeds.artistdata.com/xml.shows/artist/AR-231CD6A7E4389185/xml/past

Hi there

I know your script is originally dedicated to WordPress, however it works also in another softs – actually I use it in Rapidweaver. ( http://www.photoclub-aigle.ch/evenements/ ). I wonder if this is the reason some functions doesn’t work as they should. I pointed out below some suggestions – happy if they could be fixed.

- the small calendar button (date_picker) is not operating (at least it doesn’t show any calendar – same on your demo page)

- localisation: as suggested, all the day & month names has been translated (to French), however in the header, the month still appears in English

- The “all day” events in the Google calendar are transferred correctly to the web page, but for the “several hours events” there is a shift of 2 hours. In the Google calendar the zone is set to “Zürich” but the script points to GMT. This can be fixed by adjusting the “extra_time” input in the script, but in this case the “all day events” are also shifted 2 hours ahead.

Except the above issues (which are really not critical, but rather “nice to have”), I’m happy with the script. Thanks for your comments Zden


Thanks for your feedback! I will definitely look into those issues you mentioned.

Best regards, Rik

Can you import facebook events using this plugin ?


You can link it to the events feed from a Facebook account. This will sync all of your events.

Best regards, Rik

After activation im getting errors at the top of my admin: “Notice: Use of undefined constant THEMENAME – assumed ‘THEMENAME’ in /home/eclipse/public_html/tst/smus/wp-content/themes/avian/framework/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 164

Notice: Use of undefined constant THEMENAME – assumed ‘THEMENAME’ in /home/eclipse/public_html/tst/smus/wp-content/themes/avian/framework/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 165

Notice: Use of undefined constant THEMENAME – assumed ‘THEMENAME’ in /home/eclipse/public_html/tst/smus/wp-content/themes/avian/framework/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 166

Notice: Use of undefined constant THEMENAME – assumed ‘THEMENAME’ in /home/eclipse/public_html/tst/smus/wp-content/themes/avian/framework/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 167

Notice: Use of undefined constant THEMENAME – assumed ‘THEMENAME’ in /home/eclipse/public_html/tst/smus/wp-content/themes/avian/framework/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 180

Notice: Use of undefined constant THEMENAME – assumed ‘THEMENAME’ in /home/eclipse/public_html/tst/smus/wp-content/themes/avian/framework/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 181

Notice: Use of undefined constant THEMENAME – assumed ‘THEMENAME’ in /home/eclipse/public_html/tst/smus/wp-content/themes/avian/framework/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 182

Notice: Undefined index: version in /home/eclipse/public_html/tst/smus/wp-content/themes/avian/framework/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 338”


Those errors are coming from the theme you have activated, and not this plugin.

Best regards, Rik

Hi Rik,

Greetings from sunny California again!

I love your Timetable plugin so much that I wanted to use your Calendar plugin on my new website as well.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck already.

I have added the jQuery code to my <head>, but where does the php go after I’ve entered my Google calendar URL and made all of display my choices?

When I put the php in the <head>, it just displays all of my code text on the page.

When I put it in my function.php file, it just crashes everything (white screen of death!) and I have to go in through cPanel to delete the code and restore the file.

So there is obviously something I don’t understand about this step and I’m sorry to bother you about it but I know you’re the guy to straighten me out! :)

Thanks very much for your time and support,


Hi Rik,

I have another question for you…

The “Help” tab in your plugin says, in part:

“Calendars can be added to pages using the [calendar] shortcode. Click on the “Insert Calendar” button (icon) on top of all the text editors of pages and posts, enter all the settings, and a shortcode will be generated and added to your text editor.

I do not have an “Insert Calendar” button on any Post or Page text editors.

I have deactivated all other plugins and still no “Insert Calendar” icon appears.

I have deactivated all other plugins AND switched my theme to Twenty-Eleven and I still get no no “Insert Calendar” icon in my Post or Page text editors.

I DO get the icon for your Timetable plugin when it is activated so I know what I’m looking for.

I just uninstalled the Calendar plugin. I also deactivated my Timetable plugin.

I then RE-installed the Calendar plugin without reactivating my Timetable plugin, but I still do not get a Calendar icon at the top of my text editor; and now no Timetable icon either.

Please advise why my Calendar plugin doesn’t seem to be working properly and what I need to do to get it working.

I apologize for my naivete at not being able to figure all of this out by myself.I have spent all day reviewing your documentation over and over again as well as researching online trying hard to work it out on my own, but I just can’t. Please help.

Also, just to confirm, I DID purchase and install your Calendar plugin for Wordpress, not your plugin for PHP.

Thank you very much,


For some reason every time I try to add a title at the top of the calendar, it pushes the title down under the calendar. Is there a way around this?


Insert this piece of HTML above the calendar
<div style="clear: both"> </div>

If that doesn’t work please supply me with a link to your site so I can have a look at it.

Best regards, Rik

Still not working :( , here is the link: http://morgansnow.com/wordpress/


I have fixed the issue now. Please contact me via the contact form on my profile page so I can send you the updated version.

Best regards, Rik

Sent you a support request. Can’t get the shortcut in the editor and keep getting a “ERROR: Missing parameter ‘url’.” – when using sample code.


I have sent you the new version which fixes the issue.

Best regards, Rik

Received, thanks.

Hi, I sent you a message awhile ago regarding an error with the descriptions that are pulled in. Can you please check and reply?

Hi. Just to be clear:

Can I sync from e.g. iCloud/ Outlook or Google Calendars?

I want to use this calendar on a wordpress website where I can show available and booked dates for hotel availability. I also want to be able to export this calendar to other websites that use the iCal format to show booking details, such as vrbo.com and airbnb.com

Is this doable with your plugin?

Hi there! Thanks for the great resource!

I need one piece of information before purchasing this valuable resource:

Is there a way to download a calendar or add/export to gcal/ical/ or outlook?


You link the plugin to an existing ical feed. So you could also download that ical feed and import it into a calendar app on your computer.

Best regards, Rik

Yes. I need that to be an option for the visitor. So if a visitor to the site decides to add an event to their own calendar, they can click a button to download ical or add to google calendar. I dont seem to see such an option in demo.

Okay, that’s not possible. You could place a link on your site to the ical feed you’re using, but then the visitor would download all the events.

Can it be connected with your timetables plugin?


Sorry that is not possible.

Best regards, Rik

Hello. I’m looking for a special kind of plugin, which can manages multi reservation, more than 9 differente places with many time slot. And I also want to know what are the different types of payment included. Thanks you


With this plugin you cannot make reservations or payments, only display events. I do not have such a plugin for sale.

Best regards, Rik

Can you tell me how to make the search form show only future events and not past ones? Thanks in advance!


Sorry this is not possible without customisation.

Best regards, Rik

Hi, I’ve only come across one item that doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve tried multiple themes with the widget and I cannot see the event tilte in the agenda list unless I open the div by clicking on it. When used on a page, the titles show fine, in the widget they are not displayed until opened. How do I make the event titles show? Thanks!

I did as you mentioned, took a look at the css. I removed the

on the title and it works great now in the widget area.

Hi, Great to hear you fixed it.

Best regards, Rik

Hi Rik, Your script is still well working. Just one thing: On the smartphone (iPhone7 in particular), in the vertical position, the text disappears, only the empty frames remain. Are the lines too shorts? Any advice how to fix it?

Pre-sale question: Can I use this plugin to import this event calendar http://benlloch.org/events.ics in this site: http://vineabenlloch.com . I need to filter the ics by category to show only the events I want, Can? It will preserve all the info and will link to the original page benlloch.org Thanks!!

Does this plugin keep the calendar updated if more events are added to the calendar on Google?