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niglib Purchased

Hello i buyed the script but isn`t work. I downloaded and uploaded to my server

Some files are missing like demo.js which is in your Demo Website but not in downloaded package… Can you fix that please?

Gibt es eine Fehlermeldung in der Konsole?


niglib Purchased

Keine Fehlermeldung in der Konsole. Klick man auf das input feld und gibt man eine Adresse, passiert nichts (script wird nicht geladen).

kannst du mir einen Link schicken zum anschauen? Am besten über PN

Excellent Work! :-)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

fantastic work on this , i wish you best sales for the week :) ;)

Hi there, When I typed it shows suburb selection functionality and I can select it. I want to extend this like selected suburb stay in text input box with the close option and it allows me to search again and when I select new suburb, it adds up in the line next to the first suburb with the close option and now it allows me again to select new suburb. This is like multi suburb or city selection with a close option. Is it possible??

Hi I’m not sure, if i understand you :) this script should help to prefill an address with other informations from google, like latitude and longitude which you can use to save into a database, so why you need multi city selection?

I am searching properties in the price range from user entered suburbs so it could be a single suburb from the city or user can select multiple suburbs to get more search results. That’s why I need the close option so if the user selected 6 suburbs and change mind to search from only four than he can remove two suburbs. I hope you got the clear picture now. Thanks for the reply.

ok i understand but with this plugin it’s not possible :/ this is special just for your project

hello.. GLWS.. Also visit my products :):)

I replaced my Google API key with my own. The script isn’t working. Could you see if I am doing something wrong here?

Your API is not activated, and you included the script twice :)

dear author, the system say this…. Scompattamento del pacchetto…

Installazione plugin…

Il pacchetto non può essere installato. Non sono stati trovati plugin validi.

Installazione del plugin fallita.

Ritorna all’installazione dei plugin

how can install without php files?!


Is it possible for your code to restrict autocomplete results to show only cities and country? Been searching all over the web and cannot find such a script.

I will probably have to pay to have it made I suppose.


I think this is an options from Gogole Maps themselve, if you mean that

var options = {
  types: ['(cities)'],
  componentRestrictions: {country: "us"}

Does it provide sessiontokens ? I mean to prevent high billing, as Google Docs says:

Place Autocomplete can use session tokens to group together autocomplete requests for billing purposes. A session token is a random string that is used to uniquely identify a session. A session consists of the activities required to resolve user input to a place. When a session token is passed (using the optional sessiontoken parameter), autocomplete requests are not billed independently, but are instead billed once after a full autocomplete result is returned. If the sessiontoken parameter is omitted, each request is billed independently.

Hey, no it doesn’t…. just heard it for the first time :) good information!