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I am getting “400 Bad Request” error when opening the downloader tab

It is possible that you just created your access key, so it may take a while for it to be valid.

Please wait a few minutes, then copy paste the key to the options tab.

Save it and try the downloader again.

I am getting “403 Access Not Configured” error

For some reason, your domain URL is not matching the browser service key URL list.

This is common when we’re not using an actual domain, but dynamic IPs and such.

In this case, I recomend not using a defined address, but yet, enabling any addresses, by removing the referers.

After doing so, this should appear in google console for the browser key:

Referers: Any referer allowed

Please allow a couple of minutes for the setting to be propagated. Then save your options and try the downloader again.

As an additional note, please make sure that in Google Console “Services” options, you have enabled both Drive API and Drive SDK.

I am getting Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘

This is caused by an error in the Google API and the usage with some PHP versions when retrieving export links. This has been fixed in version 2.6 and the fix is editing google_download.php from $current_file->getExportLinks()[‘application/pdf’];


$google_doc_url_link = $current_file->getExportLinks();

$google_doc_url = $google_doc_url_link[‘application/pdf’];

I am getting “redirect_uri_mismatch”

If the plugins redirects you to a page saying “redirect_uri_mismatch: The redirect URI in the request: did not match a registered redirect URI.” This means that you have not entered a valid URL Referrer in the Google Console’s Public Referrer URL field. Please check your url or simply leave the field empty, save it and try again.

Google Console Settings

If you are having trouble setting up the plugin, please see below.

In your console ( you need to go to “Enable APIs and get credentials like keys” then “Credentials”

you need to create one “OAuth 2.0 client IDs” - authorized javascript origins: empty - authorized redirect urls: http://[]/wp-admin/admin.php?page=google_download_page

and one “API Key” (browser) - referrers: empty

please input the keys for the oauth and the api in the plugin after verification of this settings, save and try again. you should be redirected to google and then back to your website, where the plugin should work.

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